The Covid pandemic has permanently changed shopping patterns. Rather than returning to shopping centres, consumers are likely to continue buying online. 2020 saw the e-commerce trend experience five years’ worth of advancement in one year. This massive shift in behaviour means warehouse storage space is more important than ever.

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AR Racking is one firm that has taken advantage of this trend after adding pallet racking and reconfiguring logistics service provider Great Bear’s 20,000 m2 warehouse in Nottingham. After dismantling and disposing of old non AR pallet racking and installing new AR adjustable pallet racking, the warehouse now has a storage capacity for 17,400 pallets. Adjustable pallet racking systems are highly versatile and include a wide variety of accessories for the storage of any type of products.

SEC Storage is also capitalising on the growth of warehousing. OPT Services, which supplies plant, tools and equipment for the IT and telecommunications industry, had assessed its existing facility which no longer offered the available space for product storage or was suitable for their needs as the business expanded. They also required a site with its own loading yard to ensure safety and speed for loading operations, as well as additional space to store and process an increased volume of stock. SEC Storage carried out in-depth analysis of a new facility with 7,750 sq ft of warehouse space before proposing a design for a bespoke pallet racking solution that maximised the storage capacity of the building with 600+ pallet locations along with dedicated goods in/out areas.

Interesting to hear how a unique racking system produced by Rack Collapse Prevention (RCP) is revolutionising the security of warehouse pallet racking, reducing injury and financial loss. RCP’s Rhino safety system supports from the top rather than reinforcing from the bottom, meaning that in the event of a forklift collision the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and inventory. Rhino uses wire ropes suspended from the building’s steel structure where possible which is then in turn attached to each individual leg.

Encouraging that cantilever racking from OHRA has helped Czech stainless steel wholesaler AK1324 have direct access to individual sheet packs. This enables more efficient logistics and reduces damage to the stored sheets. The cantilever racks allow each individual package to be stored and retrieved without having to move other sheet metal packages.

The cycle of very rapid growth in the e-commerce market is expected to last another five to ten years. It’s about building out a larger e-commerce infrastructure, which is why the prospects for the warehouse industry are very strong.

George Simpson

Features Editor


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