Welcome to the February 15th issue of Warehouse & Logistics News. Our cover story reports how Statutory Inspections has announced that after years of live testing Thorough Examination Management Services Ltd, or TEMS for short, is now live. It is designed for both global manufacturers and individual service providers to complete Thorough Examinations in the most effective and efficient way. This cloud-based software offers an all-inone solution that works on any platform, without the need for licenses or storage.


It was great to hear that Combilift has launched the Aisle Master-OP (AME-OP), a pioneering stand-on electric powered model that combines the advantages of a narrow aisle articulated forklift and an order picker for versatile operation in warehousing applications. The Aisle Master-OP is available in a number of variants, with lift capacities from 1,500kg to 2,500kg, lift heights up to 12.1m and can operate in aisles as narrow as 1650mm. It features a patented chain steering system, allowing the truck to articulate more than 205°, with an inline drive motor and front drive axle assembly.

Congratulations to outsourced fulfilment and logistics specialist 3PL, which has confirmed that it has enjoyed its busiest peak season on record. Throughout the month of December alone the operations shipped more than 100,000 orders, representing a 42% uplift on the previous year. The record-breaking December followed an equally demanding Black Friday event, with 3PL processing over 30,000 orders in just one week alone during the online event of the year famed for huge discounts from aspirational brands and independent retailers.

Our loading bay feature reports that historically, swing lip dock levellers were commonplace in warehouses, as only larger fleets were catered for. However, in today’s fastpaced e-commerce environment, landlords, together with end users, are looking to specify new technologies to streamline processes and improve operational output. For example, longer telescopic lip dock levellers have become a common addition as the need for flexibility of offloading various vehicle types on a single loading bay increase.

Our order picking feature says in today’s supply chains, automation is inevitable. Automated systems are estimated to pick and pack orders up to 10 times faster than a human, and with fewer errors. Automation requires substantial capital investments that pay off only after a longer period of time – typically five years or more. Retailers tend to look for ROI between two and three years, and habitually focus on results over the next few quarters.

Our power sources feature reveals up to a third of the available handling capacity of your fleet is reduced in each 24-hour shift due to batteries being on charge. Yet a typical warehousing operation can double its handling efficiency by hiring in additional batteries and chargers.

Enjoy reading the issue.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor


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