With modern warehouses requiring precise temperature and humidity controls at all times, high speed doors are essential. If a worker collides with a soft breakaway door, the door can easily collapse out of its hinges before returning to the guide rail.

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2020 saw an unprecedented growth in online shopping and increasing demand for companies to offer unrivalled delivery options – developments which are set to continue throughout the coming year. To be able to respond to this busy environment, logistics operators should be taking preventative measures to ensure the overall safety and efficiency of their site to secure its continuous operation. “A schedule of regular servicing will resolve any potential faults and optimise the performance of doors by keeping them in top condition,” says Phil Clark, Industrial Service Manager at Hörmann UK. Whilst the Safety at Work Regulations do not specify a set number of times that industrial doors and loading technology should be serviced, Hörmann UK recommends that servicing should take place at least twice a year, and more often in high usage areas.

In response to recent changes to the meaning or effect of legislation caused by the UK’s exit from the European Union, the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) is issuing a temporary supplement to sections 4 and 5 of DHF TS 011:2019 and TS 012:2019. The supplement also reflects the 2016 change to the scope of BS EN 13241 that has resulted in the need for fire resisting industrial doors to comply with the Construction Products Regulations 2013 since November 2019.

Operators can protect their warehouse from the elements with a new Insulated Roller Shutter Door from BID Group. This RSD is 10m wide x 6m high with an opening speed of 56 seconds to fully open and incorporates wind lock guides with reinforcement and an internal hurricane and wind resistance system. Insulated Roller Shutters are purpose made for industrial and commercial usage. They are suitable for a whole host of applications ranging from warehouse or factories to commercial shop frontage, arenas, and car parks.

Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, has completed the supply and installation of two of its rugged Ramdoor rapid roller doors at Yara UK Ltd in Avonmouth. This is the second time that Leeds-based Union Industries has supplied a pair of Ramdoors, known as the ‘Big Daddy’ of high speed doors, to Yara UK Ltd, which has undertaken substantial refurbishment works at its warehouse facilities close to the Severn Estuary in Avonmouth. The business requirement was for heavy duty doors with a durable coating. Yara UK Ltd opted for the Ramdoor due to its extremely robust construction, high quality components and category five wind rating.

It is encouraging to see door suppliers hard at work, maintaining safety in the loading bay.

George Simpson

Features Editor

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