IVECO ON is the new umbrella name that integrates a world of services and transport solutions designed to optimise the customers’ productivity and TCO, while looking after the drivers’ safety and comfortable life on board.

IVECO ON was created to help customers easily identify the tailor-made solution for their business in IVECO’s constantly expanding range of services.

IVECO drives forward its customer-centric offering with the launch of IVECO ON, the new umbrella name that brings together a world of integrated services and transport solutions developed to help its customers manage their fleet and business efficiently, become more competitive, more profitable and more sustainable. It was created to facilitate the navigation through IVECO’s extensive offering of services, which are now gathered and organised, so that customers can easily identify the solutions that match their specific requirements.

With IVECO ON, customers are continuously in contact with IVECO’s experts and dealers who provide the answers that will keep their vehicles on the road and their business running. The name, IVECO ON, expresses how the brand is always ‘ON’ for its customers – by their side, ready to address their needs at all times.

“IVECO ON opens up a world of services imagined and designed just for our customers,” said Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President. “It creates an ecosystem of integrated solutions designed to help our customers manage their business more efficiently, easily and profitably. We are constantly developing new services to support them in new ways. IVECO ON connected services mark a double breakthrough in customer care.”

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