The Master’In Air Cushioning Machine (A-200 AC) is a compact and cost-effective solution for ecommerce/online shops and small to medium sized businesses looking to improve their packing process and keep up with demand levels.

The machine produces cushioning and void fill on demand, as it’s needed, allowing users to free up valuable space where bulky cushioning materials were previously stored. It will also leave more space for your employees to operate safely in.

It is a simple, low noise, plug and play installation machine that is lightweight so can be easily moved around the packing area as needed. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate and maintain with low maintenance and spare parts costs.

Stuart Bates, Solutions Sales Manager Antalis said, “As we approach the traditional ‘peak’ shopping period, there will be a ‘peak like no other’. Many businesses have been so focused on dealing with the unexpected surge in online sales generated by COVID-19 that they may have ‘taken their eye of the ball’ when it comes to what’s around the corner. This machine is an ideal addition to any packing line during busy periods because of the efficiency and space saving benefits – as well as helping to futureproof the business.”

“The Master’In Air Cushioning Machine is one of many independent machinery solutions we have at Antalis Packaging. We offer free audits whereby we review your packaging operation and make recommendations on the kinds of improvements and investments that can be made,” added Stuart.

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