Adrian Jeffries, BiGDUG Business Services Manager, gives his top tips on optimising warehouse storage: We get a lot of customers who say they don’t have enough storage space. One of the first things we look at is the space businesses already have – we can make great improvements and help optimise their existing shelving and creating additional space.

Adrian Jeffries, BiGDUG Business Services Manager.

Here are my top tips on how you can optimise your own space…

Close your gaps!

Look at the shelving you have already installed and assess if you have gaps in between them. If you add in additional shelves between the shelving bays you can double your storage space for very little cost

Have a clear out!

A spring clean of your warehouse or storage space can create a huge amount of new space by decluttering products and removing old items altogether

Check your aisle widths!

Make sure you have enough space to adhere to health and safety requirements, but if you have a huge amount of excess space in the aisles you can create up to 40% additional space in your warehouse by moving the existing shelving bays a couple of feet closer together

Look up!

A lot of customers don’t utilise the height of their space, generally there will be additional room above and beyond your existing shelving bays, you can double your storage space by simply increasing the height of your shelving

Ask for help!

There are hundreds of storage solutions suitable for many different industries – all catered for by BiGDUG. Some industries only require light duty shelving, retail can benefit from garment racking, some require heavy load bearing shelves. We have experts who work in our Business Services department, all of whom are at the end of the phone and are more than happy to help!

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