When it comes to loading bay safety, there’s a lot to be said for staying one step ahead of the seasons. The summer months are the perfect time to get ‘winter ready’ especially if seasonal change comes sooner than expected.

Frost, snow, ice and wet weather conditions combine with shorter days and longer nights to create loading practice challenges for any warehouse or loading bay.

At Thorworld Industries, we’re renowned for making safe loading practice and operator wellbeing our key priorities, so strongly advocate taking time during summer months to plan and prepare for the winter ahead. We recommend that warehouse management teams undertake a loading facility survey to highlight areas that could benefit from safety improvement, or suggest alternations to enhance winter efficiencies. Surveys of this kind can also be performed by engineers within Thorworld’s expert team and can help make warehouse equipment and layout safe and effective.

Better lighting

Steps as simple as updated lighting solutions can significantly improve warehouse function; ensuring that all dark corners are better illuminated, main facilities benefit from maximum light levels, and all operatives can see one another clearly.

Thorworld lighting solutions

Simple improvements can be easily made, with one of Thorworld’s dock light solutions. Our Standard Dock Lights are hinged from a bracket to enable pivoting and extension in two planes and can be run from either a 240V or 110V supply, whilst our Standard Plus Dock Light (LED or Halogen), can be positioned at three points for effective illumination within the inside area of vehicles.

Limiting risks of slips and trips

Making sure that all loading ramps, docks and platforms are safe to use, not just now, but during winter months, is an essential measure that helps keep loading teams working safely all year round.


Platform handrails are a safety addition that can be effectively ‘retro-fitted’ by the Thorworld team, should existing warehouse apparatus lack this key feature. Handrail inclusion within a wider loading system can prove essential, and help prevent the risk of falls.

Effective foot grip

It’s also important to check the underfoot surface of all ramps and platforms, as hazard potential for worn or ineffective floor coatings could be significant. Serrated open grid decks are fitted as standard to all our larger ramps. Antislip grit surfaces could be considered as a further anti-slip measure if appropriate, and can be retrofitted too, or replaced if necessary.

A team you can trust

When it comes to putting safety first, you can rely on Thorworld Industries to help highlight equipment that may need attention or replacement, and suggest the best route to ensuring apparatus is ‘winter ready’ before weather conditions change.

To find out more contact 01246 260 981.

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