Ergotron is a global movement company focused on designing and manufacturing agile work environments so people can thrive as they work, learn, play and care for others. Established in 1982, the company’s industry-leading products enhance operations and improve wellbeing and productivity in various working environments for users of IT equipment.

Paul Zuidema
Managing Director EMEA at Ergotron

The way in which we interact with technology, collaborate with others and pursue our individual potential is continually changing; Ergotron supports this evolution with innovative solutions that eliminate constraint through movement in industrial environments.

Paul Zuidema, Managing Director EMEA at Ergotron, speaks to Warehouse & Logistics News.

Tell us about Ergotron

Ergotron is a movement company that designs and manufactures kinetic work environments. We conduct extensive research and development of our products, striving to create a more productive environment for work, play and learning spaces based on human-centred design.

The company maintains a record number of patents for its innovative workplace mounting, mobility and sit-to-stand solutions, displaying a magnitude of industry experience throughout its 38 years in production. We support people in their working environment and create products to help IT operators move and work through specifically designed products, aimed at enhancing their workflow and wellbeing. We really want to drive health, agility and productivity in the workplace and support businesses using IT equipment to promote a healthy way of working while using technology. We have a long track record in ergonomics and provide the majority of IT users with products designed to fit their needs. It’s not just about meeting regulations of health and wellbeing in the workplace; it’s about adopting a workplace culture and adding value to people and their wellbeing.

How does Ergotron meet the requirements of the industrial sector?

Ergotron is currently focussing on meeting demand that is related to the ‘Industry 4.0’. Initiated in Germany, this approach encapsulates the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, the goal being the strong customisation of products under the conditions of highly flexible (mass-) production.

As such, warehouse and manufacturing working environments, as well as maintenance and other industrial workspaces value more than ever the interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance, and decentralised decision-making that makes this possible. Ergotron fits into this by bringing IT devices to the point of use, supporting users in working comfortably and allowing them to be productive and achieve this overall goal of flexible mass production.

What are some of the key markets Ergotron is servicing right now?

Warehousing is one area we see a lot of interest at the moment. To maximise productivity in warehouses, optimised space organisation is needed, decreasing as much as possible the ‘footprint’ of operational equipment allowing more space for trading goods. Ergotron’s warehousing customers use our computer carts and wall-mounted solutions. We’ve noticed an overall increase in demand in warehousing space, as a result of the increase in online buying behaviour in recent years. This has seen supply chains at full stretch, further exacerbated by the current global health crisis and related lockdowns, as many consumers are relying on businesses’ online operations to do their shopping.

In the manufacturing industry, maximum productivity without compromising quality is key. Our customers in this area are using Ergotron’s mobile carts, as well as the wall-mounted workstations, which facilitate quality checks as often and where needed. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is another application that is enhanced with Ergotron’s solutions, supporting the user for a healthy and productive way of fulfilling daily tasks. Additionally, the need for access and traffic control in industrial environments is answered with Ergotron’s multi monitor arms and stands that allow the parallel use of up to 4 monitors promoting at the same time a healthy and comfortable way of working for the user, keeping their focus intact.

We have seen demand in these environments for our mobile cart solutions as well. Adding ‘mobility’ to cameras, whether that is a thermal imaging camera or any other camera application, is highly valued in cases of fire detection, surveillance, temperature control or pets intrusion.

How can Ergotron get instantly connected with their customers?

At Ergotron we believe that giving the opportunity to our customers to experience and try the solution that best matches their needs is key. For that reason, we offer our customers the option to test our products free of any obligation, considering certain conditions. That’s a practice that in the majority of past examples led to the correct match of an existing need to one of our products.

If you want to know more about Ergotron’s solutions and the way they can support your business, please connect with Ergotron at


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