Since the beginning of the current global crisis and up to now, Camso has been able to maintain its operations and has adjusted its Solideal On-Site processes to ensure an efficient and smooth tire installation service through contactless on-site procedures for forklift tire replacement.

With the new measures put into place, no personal contact is required for clients who need to have their forklift tires replaced: orders are processed online or by phone, which initiates an On-Site Service scheduled at a moment when forklifts can be isolated. With no exception, SOS technicians perform the complete tire service without contact with clients and make sure to sanitize the machines before and after their manipulations. No further on-site support is required from the client.

For clients who wish to install tires themselves, Solideal-on-site service also made available a second option: the Assembly Delivery Service. In this case, the tires are delivered already mounted on an exchange wheel at the customer’s location. Customers return their old assemblies and SOS technicians take care of the disassembly of the old tire from the wheel and its disposal. In all cases the digital order processing allows a contactless and efficient service.

Making safety a priority for staff, customers and communities

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Camso has been focusing its efforts on one priority: ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers and the communities which they all are a part of. And the tire manufacturer is proud to be supplying and servicing some of the most essential services across various industries, such as port operations, logistics, pharmaceuticals, health services, food industry, security forces, and power companies, among others. “We understand the essential nature of our customers’ activities and are committed to the success of the Material Handling industry. Servicing and supplying these sectors is key to ensure continuity of their operations and contribute to the global effort against the pandemic,” explains Torsten Müller, Service Line Executive Director at Camso.

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