Making the most of storage space is high on the agenda for warehousing, logistics and manufacturing operations, but when space comes at an extra premium it is even more crucial to keep costs within acceptable limits. This is particularly true of the cold store and chilled sector, where the costs incurred per m² are much higher than those in ambient warehousing.

Combilift’s range of Aisle Master cold store specification articulated forklifts were developed in collaboration with cold store operators and enables working aisle widths to be cut to a minimum to achieve optimum pallet density.

The Aisle Masters replace a combination of reach and counterbalance trucks and can work inside within racking as well as outside for loading and unloading. They are engineered to cope easily with the exacting requirements of the sector: where other trucks would struggle with the change from freezer temperatures to ambient zones for example, there are no issues with condensation build up. Using one type of versatile truck rather than multiple models also contributes to further cost reduction.

Keeping drivers warm is particularly important as it reduces the time needed for breaks from the cold environment, and the Aisle Master’s design ensures comfortable operating conditions which leads to increased productivity. Bar code scanners can be used from within the fully enclosed heated cab, enabling operators to carry out all necessary tasks without leaving the comfort of the warm workstation.

The extreme cold can also be unforgiving on equipment, quickly draining batteries, but the powerful 930 Ah batteries fitted in the Aisle Masters more than counteract this, enabling optimum performance and prolonged operation in temperatures as low as -30°C. Quick and easy battery changeover using a pallet truck at the rear of the Aisle Master is a further benefit.



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