ELOKON, the supplier of safety and assistance systems for industrial vehicles, forklifts, AGVs and cobots will be showing its flagship products at LogiMAT. The company’s MD Alexander Glasmacher will also be giving a seminar entitled “Wearables in Intralogistics” – an area which ELOKON is also focusing on for future developments. The company’s solutions are based on the use of smart technology such as that used in the automotive industry which not only makes the warehouse safer but makes it more efficient. Products include proximity warning systems, mobile personnel protection devices, fleet management systems, stationary warning devices and radar-based systems for speed reduction.

The mobile assistance system ELOshield offers protection when forklifts and AGVs are operating in close proximity.

The triple award-winning, designated safety system ELOprotect ensures that safe distances are maintained between forklifts and personnel in VNA warehouses, preventing accidents between trucks and pedestrians, as well as vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Consisting of evaluation electronics, laser scanners and display and operating modules, ELOprotect automatically activates when a truck enters the aisle and if a person, other forklifts or obstacles are detected it emits warnings and can bring the vehicle to a standstill. This enables faster forklift operations to keep up with busy schedules and allows the safe use of more than one VNA truck in an aisle.

Other exhibits include ELOshield, a UWB-based proximity detection and collision warning system which allows the creation of warning and protection zones. Configured according to a customer’s exact requirements, these provide a protective buffer around moving forklifts. Modules attached to trucks or carried by personnel monitor movement, detect their location and emit warnings if they are too close to each other. A new option soon available is the ELOshieldSPEED speed control which automatically slows down vehicles in high risk areas such as in production facilities where a combination of cobots, AGVs and humans work in close proximity to each other. Once the vehicle exits this defined area, its original speed is automatically resumed.

All of ELOKON’s solutions can be installed or retrofitted on trucks of any type, brand, age or drive type and are of course suitable for mixed fleets. Visit Stand F09 in Hall 10 to find out how you can achieve better safety and productivity with ELOKON.

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