Drive In racking is a space optimising solution for a warehouse. It allows block storage of pallets and can be stocked several pallets deep, vastly reducing the number of aisles required to access goods. It is an excellent option for high density storage; ideal for products that enter and leave the warehouse in bulk or for items that will be stored long term with infrequent access.

Where stock rotation is an issue (such as for goods that have expiry dates) Drive Through racking is a closely related alternative. Unlike Drive In racking which uses First In, Last Out (FILO) principles, Drive Through racking has an aisle on either side; meaning that the first pallet into the racking can be the first pallet out from the opposite aisle. This is known as First in, First Out (FIFO).

Drive In and Drive Through racking can be accessed using standard Material Handling Equipment (MHE), such as Counter balance and reach forklift trucks.

Drive In and Drive Through systems don’t use beams to support pallets in the same way as standard Adjustable Pallet Racking, instead, specially designed rails are used to store the pallets ensuring that they are not resting on top of one another, this allows the MHE to drive all the way in to the system for put away or retrieval of pallets.

Drive In and Drive Through racking systems are often a top choice for cold storage. Energy is lost in trying to refrigerate or freeze large areas of open space (such as aisles and high ceilings). Drive In storage allows pallets to be densely packed; therefore being extremely energy efficient. This is more environmentally friendly, as well as making the temperate control cheaper to run.

A top UK pallet racking specialist, Warehouse Systems Limited (WSL), recently designed and installed a Drive In racking system for a leading UK supplier of processed fruit. The fruit had an extremely fast turnaround, with vast amounts leaving the warehouse daily. This was operating a block stacking method on one level which took up the majority of the warehouse floor space. As a FIFO system was not necessary Drive In racking was ideal and made the most of the space available. A huge 945 pallet locations were created, utilising a relatively small footprint within the warehouse.

As full members of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), WSL are specialists in all forms of warehouse storage and were able to design and build the requested racking within a matter of weeks. WSL are also experienced at working within the food industry and are proficient in following all food related guidelines and legislation, during the construction of the racking.

Warehouse Systems Limited

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