Warehouse storage reconfiguration is a necessary task because it ensures productivity remains streamlined despite changes to inventory or business. It’s a process which involves changes and alterations, large or small to your current storage system, keeping it up-to-date with the latest product changes and business developments. If your storage system is unable to accommodate your new product type or is incapable of holding increased quantities then its time to start planning for storage reconfiguration. This may seem like a complicated undertaking however, the knowledge and expertise of the design team at Warehouse Systems Limited (WSL) will certainly simplify the whole process. As one of the UK’s leading storage solutions providers, reconfiguration is something WSL is highly experienced in. Designing solutions to support and improve productivity is an activity carried out daily by the design team at WSL who have a combined 100 years experience.

WSL reconfigurations triple storage potential for top fabric company

WSL was commissioned to reconfigure storage in a warehouse belonging to a fabric manufacturing company that has been trading from their base in Yorkshire for over 200 years. Inside their large mill they produce top quality woollen cloth and store it prior to being sold to leading worldwide fashion brands.

During preparations to introduce a new specialist product the textile company contacted WSL to discuss viable storage options because their existing pallet racking would be unsuitable for the delicate and very expensive material. After evaluation of the intended product, current operations and space WSL created a solution which would support the storage needs of the new products without compromising the rest of the operation. Their proposal was to remove unused racking from the back wall which would then free up space for a suitable storage solution for the specialised material. Specifically designed to store the new product safely a new shelving system would be installed along the back wall with four shelves per bay, perfectly suited to the new delicate cloth.

Using plans drawn up by the WSL design team, the client was able to visualise the new shelving system and how it would suitably fit in with the current warehouse layout. As soon as the plans were agreed, WSL got to work so the storage was ready in time for the new product. A site foreman remained on site throughout the work and a project manager liaised closely with the warehouse manager to ensure that the job was efficient and problem free. WSL worked around the companies working schedule without distractions to the staff working around the area.

The result was a reconfigured warehouse, with additional storage, allowing this top company to store more whilst separating their products effectively. The lead time was short and they were ready for their new product within 8 weeks from the initial consultation.

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