For the past 20 years Maximon Solutions have been providing solutions to communications and security applications for a whole range of businesses, with a key focus on Warehouses and Logistics Companies.

Maximon Solutions have built their reputation on excellent service and aftercare, backed up by quality products. Not only do they supply all the well- known brands, such as Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood and Icom, Sordin and Peltor (to name but a few), but they also have their own brand of radios, the Pronto range, which includes both quality analogue and digital radios, complemented by a large range of excellent accessories. No one manufacturer is able to support the broad spectrum of requirements of all industries, therefore Maximon Solutions’ independence is key.

Maximon Solutions pride themselves on finding the best solutions to ever more demanding challenges. On this basis, hunting for client solutions, they have grown their customer base. Maximon Solutions have devised systems for Warehouses where coverage and general operational procedures have been a real issue. Once a site survey has taken place and numerous radio tests carried out, their experienced technical staff will then install a bespoke system, taking into consideration all issues. The latest technology has made these systems more affordable and more user friendly than ever before.

The Pronto Express, Maximon’s long range radio has become extremely popular with Logistic companies, with its unlimited coverage, tracking options and excellent audio clarity. With this technology it is possible to talk instantly, nationwide, say from Land’s End to John O’ Groats! Imagine instant communications to your complete workforce at the push of a button, across your entire site, sites or even countrywide. The Pronto Express offers the unique ability to communicate with your entire team as if they were all in the same room, wherever they are!

In addition to two way radio Maximon Solutions are also suppliers of professional CCTV. Whilst traditionally CCTV has been viewed through monitors, it is now just as easily displayed on smart phones and tablets 24/7. Both two way radio and CCTV will raise the level of security and provide an easier method of monitoring health and safety, with the capability of providing an audit trail in case of an incident. It is possible to fine tune operational procedures with the fast visual reviewing of an incident or procedure.

Maximon Solutions also offer their products and expertise for high noise environments, in order to keep staff within safe noise levels, whilst retaining good communications. As main suppliers of Peltor and Sordin noise protection equipment, Maximon are always ready with the most innovative solutions as they hit the market.

Maximon Solutions key focus is to bring you excellent customer service with the latest, affordable technologies to increase operational efficiency, reduce wastage and provide a safer working environment. Maximon Solutions are based in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire.

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