Summer Berry Company, the farming group renowned for its nurturing approach to growing and harvesting soft fruits in the South of England, has become among the latest enterprises to improve its logistics with the addition of Thorworld Industries’ loading equipment.

Sourced via agent, Loading Bay Service, Summer Berry has bettered loading function at two of its locations; Kives Farm and Manor Farm in Chichester, West Sussex – in time to gather its propagated raspberry cane crop for over-winter protection.

The raspberry canes are grown from roots and reach 1.8m in length. At the end of November, the farming team begin packing the canes into wooden containers and transporting them into lorries for onward storage.

The annual process had room for improvement, as moving the delicate canes was considered time consuming with the potential for accidents, as Summer Berry`s Senior Team Leader, Ivo Spasov explains:

“We’d been using a fork truck to lift the palleted boxes of raspberry canes up to the opening of lorry containers, before releasing them,” he says. “The pallets would then need moving into position using a pallet truck – making the manoeuvre a two-stage process.

“Not only did this technique take time, it also ran the risk of operatives accidently dropping pallets; causing harm to the plants, or worse, to themselves.

“We wanted to find a solution that would enable pallets to be loaded more safely and efficiently, so searched the internet for a ramp option to rent or buy.”

Ivo found a website for Thorworld Industries and contacted the manufacturer through its agent Warren Craig at Loading Bay Service. He was pleased with Warren’s friendly approach to creating a suitable loading solution, and his fast response to questions and queries.

From Ivo’s requirements, Warren suggested the implementation of two, type 10, 7-tonne mobile yard ramps; one for use at each farm.

The design of the type 10 ramp is ideal for fast, efficient loading and unloading of containers using a counterbalanced fork truck.

It’s a solution that works well on sites without designated loading bays and can be used occasionally or continuously over multi-shift operations. Suitable for indoor or outdoor storage, the ramps meet exacting quality standards and can accommodate loads of significant size and weight.

Independently tested and compliant with the latest European standards and directives, all ramps carry the CE mark, making the choice of equipment ideal in fulfilling Summer Berry`s health and safety requirements.

Responding to Warren’s proposal, Ivo and his management team agreed the ramps would offer an ideal resolution to Summer Berry`s loading time and safety issues. Boxed raspberry canes could now be transported using the same fork truck, but directly into the waiting vehicle container, ready for safe positioning.

“The design capability of the ramps is exactly what we were looking for,” Ivo continues. “Following a successful risk assessment, we put the ramps into use and have been very pleased with the results.”

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