What’s been the proudest achievement of your career to date?

Getting my Masters degree in project management. As I went back into education as an adult learner, getting my Masters was a significant milestone in my career and one I wouldn’t have thought I would achieve when leaving school to become a labourer.

What’s the most satisfying project you’ve worked on in your current role?

I find all projects I work on satisfying upon completion, when you can look back and see your work paying off. I find integrating customers the most satisfying as once complete, all processes are automated and run themselves seamlessly.

If you could spend the day with anyone famous, past or present, who would it be and why?

Probably Karl Pilkington as I too am a moaning Mancunian, although putting me in the same room as him could be a recipe for disaster!

What’s the most impressive piece of technology ever invented, in your opinion?

I think the breakthroughs that are currently being made in AI and automation are all very impressive. Self-driving vehicles making same-day goods deliveries has always fascinated me.

What’s your ultimate professional goal?

I don’t believe in setting professional goals as once achieved you tend to stop; I strive to work as hard as I can at all times and always to move forward rather than backwards.

What’s your ultimate personal goal?

To buy my own house, although it’s more of a dream than a goal in today’s housing market.

What are your three main hobbies or interests?

I’m an avid photographer; I love going to see live music, generally punk or ska; and I’m a big PC nerd, so I enjoy building computers and playing video games with my pals at the end of a long day.

Who, or what, is your inspiration?

I usually draw inspiration from the music I am listening to at the time: currently the album “Joy as an Act of Resistance” by Idles.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a good cook. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen.

What’s the best way to stay healthy and active at work?

Eat well and get up out of your chair for five minutes every hour. It helps that I take multiple trips down into the warehouse daily too.

If you were a computer, which brand or variety would you be and why?

Definitely a ZX Spectrum: only functional after a long, tedious loading time. A lot like me in the morning before the coffee has kicked in.

What’s your favourite film or TV show?

Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan – I have a fascination with history, especially the WWII era.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An archaeologist – I used to be fond of the Indiana Jones movies and history (and still am).

How do you switch off in the evenings or at the weekend?

Going out with the girlfriend for walks or meals, or just watching TV and playing video games.

What’s your favourite city in the world?

Manchester – awesome music scene, great people and an all-round fantastic city.

Who or what do you value most in life?

My girlfriend; she keeps me out of trouble and supports me in all my endeavours.

What’s your life motto?

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone hoping to go into IT or Project Management?

Organise everything. You will be surprised how quickly you can trip over tasks and miss deadlines when you don’t keep on top of organisation.

The NX Group

The NX Group is a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions for businesses that require an extra level of quality and care for their products, including brands such as King of Shaves, incognito®, Asvina and IT Luggage. Based in the Golden Triangle of Logistics in Northamptonshire, its distribution, warehousing and courier divisions have grown year on year, thanks to its emphasis on customer service and its personal approach. The firm operates a dedicated transport service providing security, reliability and an efficient service to customers.

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