With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching, your packaging operation needs to be prepared to handle the demand. An efficient process will allow your businesses to ship products from storage to end destination’s quickly, without additional stress.

Bringing efficiency into packaging

Businesses looking to achieve an efficient packaging operation will highly benefit from the experience and expertise of a packaging specialist like Swiftpak. They understand every company is different and recognise there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to an efficient packaging operation. Swiftpak use new packaging technology, innovative processes and smart decisions to help businesses across Berkshire and surrounding areas improve their packaging operations.

Audits from Swiftpak

The experts at Swiftpak have been increasing the efficiency of packaging operations for over 40 years. With their no obligation packaging audits, Swiftpak customers have received up to a 40% increase in productivity and have seen up to 57% in cost savings. To ensure efficiency requirements are met, Swiftpak look at various aspects of packaging operations, including:

Packaging automation

Automation plays a huge part in speeding up packaging operations for all types of businesses. Not only can packaging automation speed up packaging processes in time for Black Friday and Christmas, it can result in less strain on warehouse workers and even increase packaging quality and consistency. Swiftpak stock a range of packaging automation tools and help businesses implement them with limited disruption.

Picking & packing process

The picking and packing processes are vital for an efficient packaging operation. With effective warehouse inventory management and setting a clear flow of operations, Swiftpak help businesses go above and beyond their packaging efficiency requirements.

Damage detection

To achieve maximum efficiency, damage detection and prevention is key. Utilising products like impact labels and tamper-evident tapes, Swiftpak provide protective packaging solutions to help minimise returns.

Order packaging efficiently

Swiftpak’s new website, provides all the functionality needed for businesses to order efficiently without wasting time. Swiftpak’s customers benefit from order updates to keep track of deliveries, custom products and editable part numbers, automated waste management reports, permission-based ordering and much more.

Don’t fail to prepare

If your business is feeling unprepared for the season ahead, contact Swiftpak today for a no obligation packaging audit. There’s still time to get your packaging operations running more efficiently to maximise your efficiency and profit.

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