Sylvania has launched a new SylBay Generation 2 to answer the need for a maintenance-free, reliable lighting solution for industrial environments. In applications such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing premises, unscheduled maintenance of lighting equipment can mean wasted productivity and avoidable downtime. With the new SylBay Generation 2, this can be a thing of the past.

SylBay Generation 2 is a luminaire that perfectly balances form and functionality. The range benefits from a robust design and precision optics with a unique two, three, four or six LED module array as well as emergency modules. This ultra-efficient Highbay range has a total system efficiency of up to 162lm/W with a UGR of <16. The typical estimated lumen maintenance is 50,000 hours at 90% and 100,000 hours at 85%.

Rated IP65 as standard, SylBay Generation 2 is available in five sizes with varying lumen output levels from 7,200lm up to 34,000lm and four optical choices – wide, medium, narrow and aisle beams.

The SylBay Generation 2 is fitted with a DALI driver as standard and is also available with a High Bay PIR sensor for 360° detection and at to up to 40m range at 15m mounting height. The luminaire comes with stainless steel brackets for surface or wall mounting complete with tilt angle definition as well as a five-year warranty.

Ian Mills, Product Marketing Manager at Sylvania UK, comments, “industrial and logistical buildings often operate 24/7 and any downtime can have a detrimental effect on the business and the productivity of staff. By upgrading the lighting scheme to the SylBay Generation 2, customers can benefit from a reliable and high-performing solution.”

The SylBay Generation 2 will soon be available with Sylvania’s cutting-edge SylSmart intelligent lighting controls versions for Connected Industry applications. Delivering exceptional value beyond lighting, facilities managers, owners and operators are armed with the information they need to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operational costs across the business.

The luminaire can be integrated with intelligent sensor technology to monitor aspects such as granular energy use, operating status, temperature, and footfall. This information can allow decision makers to make changes to their business to improve operational efficiency, reduce energy usage by up to 90% and shrink operational costs from maintenance, down time and HVAC system integration and occupancy information sharing.

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