What’s been the most unforgettable moment of your career to date?

Being headhunted by HMV was pretty special. It meant I was doing something right!

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

It’s satisfying to produce healthy monthly profit and loss accounts. It shows the business is vibrant and all our staff’s hard work is paying off.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

Weighing up the financial considerations versus the operational requirements. Commercial and operational factors need to be considered as well as financial.

If you could invite one celebrity to your house for dinner, who would it be and why?

Tim Vine. A funny man.

Which sports teams do you support?

Leicester City Football Club. The season we won the league will never be forgotten.

What’s the secret to success, in your opinion?

Deliver what you promise. Work hard and always look to advance yourself and your business.

Do you have any phobias?

Rats. I could face anything else in “I’m A Celebrity” but rats.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

There were a couple of moments on my stag do but I’ll keep it clean. Probably only realising a few weeks ago why Haribo Cola bottles were called Cola bottles!

If you were a car, which make and model would you be and why?

Probably a BMW 5 Series M Sport. Does a good, reliable job but has a sporty feel to it.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Becoming a fully qualified chartered accountant. Five years of blood, sweat and tears!

Who do you most look up to in life?

My parents. Strong influences in both my personal and business life.

How do you spend your weekends?

I like to play a bit of golf, getting along to watch Leicester City play and I’ve recently become a dad so my life has changed forever (for the better).

Are there any extreme sports or activities you’d like to try?

Not particularly. Playing golf and five-a-side football is as extreme as I would like it!

If you hadn’t gone into transport and logistics, where do you think you’d be now?

Probably somewhere in the retail world. Having previously worked for HMV and Waterstones, the retail world is a great place to be as it’s so fast-paced.

What’s something people might find surprising about you?

I have a personality! Us accountants get a bad rep! I’m also a sucker for reality TV. Made in Chelsea is a favourite.

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited?

I would have to say the Big Apple – New York. It has that wow factor, you don’t find everywhere.

What’s your favourite thing about coming home?

Seeing the beaming smile on my wife’s and my little boy’s faces as I walk in the door.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone hoping to become a Finance Director?

Being organised is a very important quality, as well as producing clear and concise information because, surprisingly, not everyone loves looking at numbers.

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