Maintaining a clean and dust-free warehouse should be a top priority to ensure that your employees do not get ill and your stock isn’t sitting in a dirty environment. Anyone that owns and works in a warehouse knows how dusty it can get, so taking preventative measures as well as keeping on top of cleaning will mean your warehouse never becomes too dusty and unclean. Here is how you can begin your journey to a cleaner and dust-free warehouse.

Utilize a Cleaning Schedule
As an employer, you need to make sure that every area is fully maintained and cleaned. Whilst you may want to hire a cleaner to do a full clean of the warehouse weekly, this doesn’t keep each area clean in the meantime. You need to implement a clean-as-you-go policy with all employees and make sure that each employee is assigned a daily task, such as sweeping the floors in their area. This can easily be followed by creating a cleaning rota that needs to be signed daily.

Dust-Proof Your Surfaces
Following on from the above, there is only so much employees can do. You need to ensure a structure is in place and there is the right equipment provided to help achieve a safe work environment.

Once you have a regular cleaning schedule in place and have all employees on board, it is time to dust-proof your surfaces. Many warehouse owners struggle with dust on concrete floors and they can become increasingly difficult to keep clean.

BECOSAN® Treatment is an essential treatment for warehouse owners who are looking to keep a clean and dust-free workplace. This is a system that increases resistance and eliminates dust formation on concrete floors within your warehouse and treat surfaces in a small-time frame with long term results. It provides an easy to clean surface and works via a ride-on machine, meaning the job can be done within half an hour, depending on the size of your warehouse. Becosan promises a 10-year dust-free floor and even provide a warranty for this. For a true dust-free warehouse, try Becosan today.

Ensure Employees Adhere to Cleaning Policies
Employees need to understand the importance of regular cleaning in warehouses and why a dust-free warehouse is important for their own health. This means training them in areas such as health and safety, and if the job isn’t being carried out correctly, teaching them how to clean. All employees should know that maintaining a clean work environment is part of their job description to keep themselves and their workmates safe from harm. You can find guides like this from Health and Safety Executive which can help inform employees on how to keep things safe at work.

Turn Inventory Regularly
If you have inventory sat around on shelves for a long period of time it is bound to collect a lot of dust. You should make sure you are only purchasing the stock that you need for a few months at a time, otherwise, this will take up unnecessary space and adds to the clutter and dust in the workplace. You’d be surprised how much dust can accumulate in the space of a week; ensure that someone rotates stock frequently. Of course there is a lot to consider when rotating stock. You want to keep on top of inventory to ensure that your GMROI is positive and that there is no shrinkage, this article goes into some of the key metrics you should track in terms of inventory.

Evidently, there is a bit more to keeping your warehouse clean and dust-free then just cleaning it. These tips explain how you need to structure cleaning activity and keep employees on board with health and safety procedures. You can even end up saving yourself money by keeping on top of your inventory which also helps maintain a dust free environment. A real win-win.


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