Guidance Automation will be exhibiting at Robotics and Automation, the UK’s largest dedicated Robotics and Automation exhibition, from 29th – 30th October 2019.

See live Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) demos from the leading UK manufacturer and learn how they can transform operations by minimizing non-value adding material handling tasks and maximizing your operational efficiency.

Guidance Automation is an award-winning pioneer in advanced Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) technologies and solutions for the global robotic vehicle market and has thousands of systems in service.

With 25+ years’ experience in developing an innovative, flexible and robust suite of Autonomous Mobile Robot technologies, Guidance Automation can enable you to quickly and easily optimize your material handling processes and achieve your productivity goals.

Guidance Automation’s experts will be on hand at Stand 630 at Ricoh Arena, Coventry, along with Autonomous Mobile Robots, briNgbot™ and iNcaart™, demonstrating how AMRs can minimize repetitive and unproductive tasks in pick and place applications including e-fulfilment, warehousing, distribution and production.

briNgbot™ is a pick-assist Autonomous Mobile Robot for transporting cartons or totes. briNgbot™ is easily integrated with pick-to-light, put-to-light, pack-to-light, pick carts and other solutions, optimizing material handling processes – from manufacturing to order fulfilment.

iNcaart™ is an Autonomous Mobile Conveyor capable of loading boxes, totes, or similar onto briNgbot™ or to/from conveyor systems. iNcaart™ is a versatile AMR for efficient and adaptable payload transfer from conveyor to conveyor, conveyor to tote/carton lift, vehicle to vehicle and more.

briNgbot™ and iNcaart™ are configurable, adaptable, can be deployed to enhance existing operations without disruption, with no need to reconfigure your working environment, and contribute an immediate and significant improvement in throughput efficiency and error reduction.

Autonomous Mobile Robots help you Work Smarter; they help focus resources on value-add tasks, reduce errors, increase throughput and, ultimately, maximize operational efficiency.

“Autonomous Mobile Robots align with Industry 4.0 aims, providing scalable transport platforms that can be dynamically optimized according to changing operational demands,” states Peter Moore, Commercial Manager at Guidance Automation. “Ultimately they provide the opportunity for integrated, collaborative material handling solutions that optimize and streamline resource usage and processes”.

If you’re ready to deploy state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in your facility, or you’d like to accelerate the development of your own AMRs, Guidance Automation is your ideal partner.

To schedule an appointment or to discuss your application, contact Guidance Automation on +44 (0)116 243 6250 or email

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