New packaging developments suggest our fruit and veg businesses and ecommerce traders will be protected from the worst after Brexit. The returnable transit packaging (RTP) industry has been a major beneficiary of the growth of the EU and the boom in short-life foods. With perishable goods’ traceability likely to become even more important over the coming weeks, Schoeller Allibert’s latest big box delivers savings throughout the fresh produce chain, meeting the fruit and veg market’s needs from harvest to store with its versatile wide range, ideal for automated handling and electronic tracking.

Agriplus is lighter and stronger than Schoeller Allibert’s previous models, with a redesigned top rim for extra rigidity and lighter weight, reducing fuel cost and carbon footprint. The pyramidal base and curved walls reduce shocks and promote balanced distribution of the produce, limiting bruises from field to store and protecting small and fragile fruits during tipping. Airflow is optimised through the walls and base and can be further enhanced with a ventilation column for moisture-sensitive produce like garlic and onions.

Help is at hand too with packaging for ecommerce and B2B operations. With Black Friday and Christmas approaching fast, these businesses need to be ready for the demand. We hear a lot about automation playing a growing part in warehouses, speeding packaging operations for all types of businesses. Not only can automation boost performance at peak times, it also reduces the strain on warehouse workers to be accurate and proactive and even increase packaging quality and consistency.

If you’re an up and coming ecommerce business, you’ve got this far and you’re want to achieve an efficient packaging operation, you’ll have your own ideas and the last thing you’ll want is a packaging supplier insisting ‘one-size-fits-all.” Instead you will highly benefit from the experience and expertise of a packaging specialist like Swiftpak, using new packaging technology and innovative processes and stocking a range of packaging automation tools.

Meanwhile Southgate has bought packaging equipment business Packaging Aids Limited aka Packer in an undisclosed deal. Basildon-based Packer has been supplying quality packaging equipment for over 50 years, providing everything for the packing room from adhesive tape dispensers and heat-sealing equipment to strapping tools. Packer’s Void fill systems provide cost effective methods for protecting products in transit. Southgate continue to report confident and sustained growth, with a network of over 650 distributors across the UK and 67 in the EU.

Finally, employee-owned Kite Packaging have extended several of their leading ranges and launched various new products, part of their on-going drive to offer an extensive packaging range through their B2B website. Made from 100% recycled plastic Kite’s new nestable pick bins are perfect for businesses looking for robust, hard-wearing storage. Their staple guns are ideal for industries such as roofing, carpentry and warehousing as well as schools and offices. Kite’s Oscillated steel strapping offers remarkable strength and durability, making it the ideal material when binding medium and heavy-duty goods and securing heavy palletised loads, plywood cases and sharp-edged objects. Finally, Kite’s premium cordless friction weld tool is perfect for use with both polypropylene and polyester strapping.

Charles Smith

Feature Writer

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