Convenience and control are prime concerns for all businesses, but especially for busy warehouses under pressure to get the job done either as an immediate response or within a limited timeframe. Battery charging is the bane of warehouse managers’ lives, but the ability to take greater control over the charge regime for each truck has a direct effect on batteries’ operational efficiency and length of service.

ECOBAT’s launch of their charger app in May marked a step forward in the charging process, but their new WiFi chargers take things to a new level. These multi-voltage chargers, operating between 12 and 48-volts, can be changed via the app. When swapping between wet and GEL batteries, there’s no need to touch the charger to change voltage or settings, it‘s done through a smart phone. Put together the charger app and the new WiFi chargers, working across multiple chargers and the ECOBAT WiFi charger/app combination means operators can verify why batteries are underperforming – whether they’re not being charged properly or they’re worn out.

IBCS, the South Yorkshire based industrial battery and charger specialists, are independent suppliers of forklift batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers, and have been delivering intelligent product and service solutions to blue chip customers for over 35 years. Spanning the prevailing power technologies IBCS have launched a new Lithium Ion Battery and charger range under the Sunlight Li.ONFORCE brand and are bringing out a new range of Xtreme Force high capacity lead-acid batteries at IMHX 2019.

While end users weigh the respective merits for their fleets of Lithium-ion batteries and Lead-Acid, CEIL batteries, distributed exclusively in the UK via Espex Batteries, present a third option. ORC batteries – short for Opportunity Rapid Charge – offer many of Lithium-Ion batteries’ established benefits but without the need for drastically updating charging infrastructure as is the case when switching to Lithium-Ion, because they are based on the Lead-Acid standard setup.

Lastly, HOPPECKE has launched trak | uplift, the latest in vented lead-acid technology, based on active carbon, which promotes higher current discharge characteristics, improved fast charging capabilities and increased service life. Combining quality, durability and economy, the new battery range is ideal for busy single shift operations. Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries trak | uplift products have considerably longer top-up intervals, resulting in extended maintenance intervals and lower operating costs.

On the service front, HOPPECKE has introduced water filling trolleys as standard equipment in its service vans, allowing HOPPECKE’s engineers to ensure customers’ truck fleets’ batteries are topped up regularly and correctly. HOPPECKE has doubled its UK service business turnover in the last three years, attributable in part to growth in its battery and charger rental business.

Charles Smith

Feature Writer