Sportswear International (SWI) sell school clothing for children around the country. They used to sell primarily through outlet stores and retail shops but they quickly realised e-commerce was the way to go. They were initially looking for an extension to future proof their e-commerce arm due to their growth forecast but it quickly turned into an essential, once the installation was complete.

The majority of parents purchase school uniform at the beginning of the holidays, so there’s not the mad rush at the end. However, they quickly find their children have grown and they need to return their items and reorder. Therefore, there’s always a huge surge in returns and a final rush to ensure replacements are sent before the first day of school.

This customer behaviour meant that what was intended to be a future proof additional building quickly turned into an essential extension for constant filtering of goods in and out. The extension also helped with the natural flow throughout the main warehouse as it was positioned to the side, originally dead space, and enabled SWI to install additional racking to accommodate the extra orders they were receiving.

The site where the extension was to be positioned was uneven and so CopriSystems undertook the necessary groundworks, including a ramp exiting the warehouse, in which CopriSystems also made an opening by removing cladding, purlins, bracing bars and installing a structural support frame with an insulated sectional door to match the existing one installed on the front of the extension.

Sportswear International decided they no longer wanted their staff smoking outside the front gates, giving a bad impression. As an addition to the original contract, they instructed CopriSystems to install a smoking shelter to match and blend with the new extension, we do so seamlessly.

Whilst on site, CopriSystems was also asked to carry out general maintenance on a damaged warehouse door and fulfil a H&S issue that SWI’s in house officer had raised.

The outcome highlights just how relevant CopriSystems’ structures are in the new world of e-commerce. Buildings that are multi-use and quickly deployable can better meet the needs of organisations who must respond to sharp and unexpected peaks in returns and accelerating levels of growth. The additional work given to CopriSystems also shows their flexibility, skillset but trust the customer, SWI, had in them as a company and their team on site.


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