At BACA we believe that comfort at work starts with your feet. We are passionate about providing the very best footwear solutions to keep feet comfortable, safe and happy all day long.

Incorrect or insufficient footwear is not only a safety risk from an accident point-of-view, it can also be a cause of long-term problems such as work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Millions of pounds are lost every year to sick days and footwear has a significant impact on back problems arising from lack of support or comfort, causing imbalances in our bodies.

At BACA we have a wide range of safety footwear which has been meticulously assembled to meet every safety requirement for specific industries and job roles – no matter your working environment, we will have a footwear solution which complies with EN ISO 20345:2011. From anti-slip, lightweight, antifatigue, heat, water, electricity, sharp objects or all of the above, we can provide the right shoe or boot to tick off all hazards and requirements.

With this in mind, we have outlined 10 footwear features to look out for:

  1. Flexibility – Comfort in movement is key for loading, unloading, driving and lifting.
  2. Anti-slip – To avoid any injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls.
  3. Lightweight – You really notice you are wearing a heavy shoe when you are wearing it day in, day out. Choosing a lightweight design means footwear won’t add to fatigue and put extra strain on the wearer.
  4. Foot bed – Our footwear is developed with several layers. The main sole provides grip and durability; a second layer gives cushioning and comfort, while a third layer supports the foot in all the right places.
  5. Protection – Toe cap, mid-sole, metatarsal and penetration resistance are all important impact protection factors to consider depending on your environment.
  6. Anti-static – Reduce the chance of electrostatic discharges when working in and around electricity and electrical machinery.
  7. Metal-free – Footwear that is non-metallic has weight benefits because traditional steel-toe caps are heavy. It is also an industry requirement in areas such as aviation, governmental buildings and military bases.
  8. Waterproof – When working outdoors or in wet environments, waterproof or water resistant footwear will be required.
  9. Thermal insulation – When working in freezers or cold stores thermal insulation should be considered.
  10. ESD – Prevents uncontrolled electrostatic discharges. ESD footwear should be used when working in areas such as aviation, electrical equipment manufacturing and the medical industry.

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