WLN – What’s your ultimate professional goal?

Not sure I ever have an “Ultimate” professional goal as it sounds far too final and rigid. I don’t obsess about where I should be in ten years. I always want to remain focused on delivering the strategy we’re working on right now. I think success is just a by-product of doing something that you enjoy and feel passionate about.

WLN – What’s your ultimate personal goal?

It’s an ongoing goal to lose weight and get fitter!

WLN – What’s your favourite thing about managing a team?

I love working closely with people and building a rapport so that I can understand what motivates them and gives them a spark. Also, importantly, understanding what they need to love what they do and be great at it.

WLN – What would you be doing now if you hadn’t gone into transport and logistics?

I spent the last few years working in retail, most recently Go Outdoors and think I’d still be working in retail.

WLN – What are your three main hobbies or interests?

I love anything live, from sport to music to theatre. I love the buzz and the atmosphere of being in a crowd of people having a great time. I also love eating and drinking, which is which is why I have so far not achieved my ultimate personal goal!

WLN – If you could be a vehicle, which make and model would you be?

It’d have to be a Volkswagen T2 – the classic split screen camper with the iconic V shape on the front.

WLN – What’s something that people might not expect about you?

I love camping. I have had everything from tents to touring caravans to campervans. There is nothing better than being outdoors, sitting round a fire, with a glass of wine and something nice to eat, obviously. (Even better if you can manage a bit of live music at the same time).

WLN – What’s been the best day of your life so far?

That’s a tough one – I’m very lucky in the sense that I think I’ve had too many great days to try and just pick one, or maybe I have not had my best day yet!

WLN – What’s been your best experience working for Advanced Supply Chain Group so far?

It’s been getting out and meeting so many different people throughout the business. Learning about the business and finding out what makes people tick and hearing their views and ideas is the best part of the job.

WLN – What’s the best place you’ve ever visited, and why?

The Far East. I love the buzzy, vibrant culture and the cuisine.

WLN – Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant – they are challenging exams!

WLN – Finally, what are your top tips for success in this industry?

Remain agile, invest in people, believe in them and give them opportunities. This helps keep the focus on delivering what customers want and need.

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