Achieving optimum productivity and efficiency is essential for logistics managers to ensure the successful management and growth of their bottom line. To support this, it’s vital warehouse owners work closely with manufacturers to specify the most innovative and fit for purpose solutions.

It has been reported that the number of E-Commerce parcel volumes is growing 9% annually, with this steady increase resulting in a demand for smaller transport vehicles that are able to carry lighter loads that often come from E-Commerce sales. This is reflected in recent reports, which confirmed the increase in the number of vans registered in the UK. In 2018 alone, a 12% rise was reported. This increase in light commercial vehicles means that warehouses and logistics depots must cater towards the needs of its customers and the mass market, with larger dock seals not being fit to provide a safe and secure loading areas for workers based in warehouses, as well as secure loading areas for drivers.

Hörmann UK has recognised the increase in smaller transport vehicles with lighter and smaller loads and has developed smaller dock seals that can safely and securely accommodate commercial vehicles in order to support workers and ensure efficient distribution of all product types and weights.

The newly adapted dock seal BBS features foam-filled cushions in order to create a seamless connection between the vehicle and the warehouse for enhanced temperature control. The foam filled cushioned dock seals has the ability to seal the transition between the rear of a small transport vehicle and warehouse, ensuring safe movement of goods between the rear of the vehicle and the warehouse. This smooth transition reduced the risk of the side load from opening, and provides enhanced safety by minimising the possibility of accidents from occurring in the workplace.

The modified dock seals are specifically constructed to suit the requirements of small commercial vehicles to reduce any potential damage due to misuse or accidents, which may occur within the high risk areas of loading bays when loading or unloading is in process. The cushions have been filled with PU foam filled and are reinforced across their entire width in order to reduce the wear and tear of the dock seal.

This additional protection increases the durability of the dock seals and as such, offers warehouse managers peace of mind that the specified dock seal will offer lengthy service life that doesn’t require costly upkeep.

The Dock Seal BSS is also supported by a superior aftersales offering of 12- month warranty, combined with Hörmann UK’s nationwide network of service engineers who are available in the shortest lead times to minimise any potential downtime in the event of a fault


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