Twintec is a specialist concrete flooring contractor, providing a personal product through a total offer concept. Our unique design – build – guarantee package demonstrates how we take total responsibility for our products. In addition to constructing new concrete floor slabs, we also offer a solution for existing concrete floors – Twintec PLUS®.

The Twintec PLUS® microgrinding and polishing system is the ultimate surface enhancer and will transform a worn, damaged, dusty floor. It combines diamond grinding to remove the micro-roughness of the slab with the application of uniquely developed Densifier and Protective Sealer; the Densifier penetrates into the slab and creates a reactive bond with free lime particles within the concrete; the Protective Sealer provides protection against water and oil penetration. A final diamond polish completes the process.

The floor will be 100% dust-free, durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and have higher abrasion resistance.

Twintec PLUS® is Low Maintenance & Cost Effective Improves overall life cost of the floor, easy to clean off tyre marks and unlike epoxy or paint finish, will not chip or flake over time.

Twintec PLUS® is Durable It will increase the hardness, density and have a higher abrasion resistance.

Twintec PLUS® Features

• Enhances strength and abrasion resistance

• Creates a dust-free surface

• Stain resistant

• Reduces cleaning time

• Easy tyre mark removal

• HACCP certified

• Slip resistant – DIN51131 – valuation SAFE

• Water & oil penetration reduced by 90% (DIN 52617, DIN EN 150 15148)

Unlike other products that coat the top of the floor slab, Twintec PLUS® treatment will become part of the floor – it will NOT chip or flake.

Twintec PLUS® is a justifiable sustainable flooring option as the treatment utilises materials already present in the concrete.

Twintec can treat up to 1,000m2 per day and the floor slab is ready for use in 24 hours.

After installation of a Twintec PLUS® polished concrete floor, like any other flooring solution, maintenance is an important part in the upkeep of the floor condition. The process brings out a very smooth and uniform surface where dust, dirt and other contaminants will have difficulty in adhering to the surface, that you would normally experience on untreated concrete, epoxy and tiled surfaces, and this makes the cleaning significantly easier and more cost-effective. There is no need for the use of harsh chemicals that will damage the environment as a Twintec PLUS® treated floor can be cleaned with normal cleaning pads and water.

To maintain the glossy properties of the surface, depending on the traffic of the floor, it is recommended that diamondimpregnated pads are routinely used to clean the floor.

As well as transforming worn and damaged warehouse floors, Twintec PLUS® is also an option for new floors, enhancing the durability and long term performance of a new floor slab. For more information visit or email or speak to a member of the Twintec team on 01788 567722.


Tel: 01788 567722


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