If you’re looking to create more covered space at your premises, there’s a UK based manufacturer and hirer of industrial and commercial buildings who want to help you. Smart-space are handling more and more requests to cover unusualshaped areas, as more and more people look for ways to maximise onsite covered space.

Even The Most Unusually-shaped areas can
be covered by Smart-Space

“Whether it’s for loading and unloading, or for additional warehouse and storage space, it’s amazing what can be done when you have a team with the vision, knowhow and experience to build the solutions to solve these on-going challenges”, says Antony Hunt, MD of Smart-Space.

“And we are very blessed indeed to have a team of such people, with the skills and desire to take on the most challenging projects, as the recent installations have proven!”

One such company, was a Londonbased logistics firm who wanted an extension to their existing unit, but one which was a most unusual shape. “Our Structural Engineer designed an aluminium-framed building which is 66metres long but which is 31 metres span at one end, and just 14metre span at the other”, says Hunt. “So whereas this area was previously of little commercial use to the business, it’s now completely covered and has given these people additional and substantial undercover area”

Another recent installation saw the need to have a building designed which ‘stepped-in’ to follow the angle of a kerb around the perimeter of a logistics company’s premises in Cannock, Staffs.

“This was a really tricky one because most of the relocatable buildings we supply are made using standard modules of squares and rectangles. But not this one. Whilst the frontage follows a straight line, to the rear it steps in considerably – which was quite a feat!”

“Something else we’ve been doing more and more is lean-to extensions and in-filling between buildings”, said Antony.

“I don’t know if it’s because people are becoming more imaginative or if it’s purely born out of necessity for covered space, but we’re certainly handling more and more of these unusual requests” “One such project springs to mind is the lean-to we manufactured, supplied and fitted to fit between two buildings to create a dry loading bay.

Not only did we have the challenge of limited working space, the ground levels were anything other than ideal so we had to ensure the uprights were all made to different lengths to ensure the levels for the steel cladded roof. So if you have an area you’d like to consider covering but have put it off because you thought, no… It can’t be done; give Smart-Space a call to see if and how they can help.

You may well be pleasantly surprised to find they come up with a cost-effective design using aluminium and steel to build off your existing building or to build a stand-alone unit.

Best of all, as much of their component parts are made here in the UK, and all buildings are designed and installed by their directly employed team, they can turn projects around much quicker than importers do and they are on-hand to provide on-going maintenance and support if and when required. What’s more, they will handle the entire project if needs be covering all aspects of ground-works and preparation as well as handling all local authority dealings on your behalf.

What could be easier?


Tel: 01827 330000

Email: sales@smart-space.co.uk