If you’re looking to increase the usable floor space in your warehouse or premises in an efficient and economical way, mezzanine flooring could be the solution you need.

Using mezzanine flooring allows businesses to expand their premises without the need to relocate or undertake expensive renovations, thus preventing disruption to every day operations.

If you do choose to relocate after the mezzanine flooring has been installed, it’s easy enough to take with you and re-erect at the new premises.

Some common uses of mezzanine flooring include:

• adding office space or staff facilities

• creating storage or handling space for specialist materials

• extending floor space in retail The intended use of the mezzanine floor will play a crucial role in how the project is designed and delivered, from structure and materials used, to the final fit and finish.

Avanta UK specialise in the design and creation of functional workspaces, offering a complete office and warehouse interior design and installation service.

From the beginning of your mezzanine flooring project, Avanta UK will discuss the requirements and the purpose of the flooring with you, as well as carrying out all necessary on-site surveys. This means that an assessment will be carried out with regards to size, configuration, fire protection and load capabilities in order to calculate and design a floor that has a specific purpose for your building and business.

Buying used mezzanine floors don’t usually offer the same level of fit and finish as a brand new floor would, so this is important to consider if you work in an environment that is to look tidy and smart. Likewise, safety cannot be guaranteed in the same way it would with a new project.

The complete history of the mezzanine floor may not be known, which poses a serious risk to the safety of the entire building in which it is installed. If you’re thinking of buying used mezzanine flooring, there are a number of questions you’ll need to ask:

• What was the previous purpose of the floor?

• Was the floor installed correctly in its original setting?

• Has it been dismantled, stored and transported in the correct way?

• Is the structural engineer’s original documentation available?

• Is the steel CE marked?

• Is it suitable for it’s new purpose?

• Have any parts of the floor been strained?

• Can the integrity of the steel be guaranteed?

One of the main reasons in which many people choose to buy second-hand is usually down to cost. On face value, the cost of buying used mezzanine flooring can be very appealing in comparison to that of a new project. In order to get an idea of the true total cost of the project, many aspects must be taken into consideration:

• The cost of professional installation

• The cost and time it takes to carry out a structural engineer’s report

• The risk of injury or damage, regardless of the condition of the used flooring

Whether you’re going for new or used mezzanine flooring, the decision to install in your premises should be careful considered. Contact Avanta UK to discuss your requirements or to arrange a no obligation site visit, survey and quote.


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