Established in the US in 1888, Reznor has gone from strength to strength, eventually becoming the leading HVAC provider worldwide.

Danny Packham
European Product Manager – Warm Air and Radiant

Reznor is at the forefront of innovation, consistently developing new products that provide more efficient ways of creating comfortable environments.

Headquarted in the US, Reznor also has offices in the UK, Belgium and France, with a wide reach across Europe. Danny Packham, European Product Manager – Warm Air and Radiant for Nortek Global HVAC UK Ltd, speaks to Warehouse and Logistics News.

What are your best-known products and services?

We are best known for our energy-efficient gas fired warm air unit heaters & overhead gas fired radiant heaters. We do also have a wide portfolio, which encompasses everything from air curtains to control systems, enabling us to create complete HVAC solutions.

Which market sectors and countries are your customers in? Which ones are growing fastest?

We have a large presence in the UK, Benelux, France, Germany predominantly but we are also prevalent in most other European countries. The market sectors we work with most include: industrial/commercial, manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and transportation.

Who are your major customers and what do you do for them?

As a leading manufacturer of HVAC products, we supply into a vast number of key contractors in the UK whilst working alongside them to ensure collectively we are offering a total HVAC solution to the end user that will reduce their carbon footprint. Such customers include some of the biggest names on the UK high street, including fast food restaurants, car dealerships and even events venues.

How do your products benefit your customers’ businesses?

Nortek Global HVAC manufactures a wide range of industrial and commercial HVAC products in the European market. From gasfired air heaters to rooftop units and everything in between, Nortek Global HVAC is at the forefront of HVAC technology.

We anticipate our customers’ needs and deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations and offer high value. Our products provide energy efficient and cost effective solutions, meeting our clients heating and ventilation requirements.

Since 1919, Nortek Global HVAC has been a company of problem solvers. We approach heating, ventilation and cooling not by looking at what’s been done but rather by what our customers need. Sometimes the answers are in the equipment itself but often the answers lie outside the box, literally.

You’ll find this fresh approach in how we make the equipment, how we do business and in how we support our customers – from purchase to install and for the life of the product.

Why should customers choose you as their main supplier in your area?

Nortek’s innovative product solutions have been showcased in several market sectors for decades, including sports and leisure, retail, commercial, rail, education, aviation, transport and many more.

We are thought leaders in the HVAC market providing high value, integrated solutions to deliver bespoke energy efficient outcomes from start to finish offering an unrivalled range of products from our extended brand family. Our people drive our commitment to designing, developing and delivering innovative, efficient and effective product solutions for our customers. The key advantages of working with Nortek Global HVAC include:

Products customers want. We use Demand Flow Technology (DFT), the most advanced and flexible manufacturing process in the industry, to quickly deliver the exact highquality products specific to customer demands. Services customers need. We have some of the leading contractor marketing programs in the industry and a comprehensive, easy-toaccess online literature library.

Support every step of the way. We offer a highly rated in-house technical services team with 193 total years of experience. This gives our customers the ability to speak with actual service technicians during business hours every weekday.

What were the business highlights for you in the last 12 months?

On October 31st, Reznor opened their new Distribution Centre (DC) in Wervik, Belgium. The new facility is equipped with modern office spaces, and a showroom area, showcasing products from the Reznor portfolio.

In addition to product storage, the DC will also provide spare parts and servicing for existing and historical Reznor products. The ceremonial ribbon was cut by Bruno Biasiotta, Chief Operating Officer of Reznor’s parent company, Nortek Global HVAC.

What’s been your most outstanding recent project?

We recently provided an RTU for Victoria Palace Theatre in London. The three main challenges of the project were, first to maximise the fly tower (enabling the stage crew to ‘fly’ or hoist lighting, scenery, stage effects and people) and expand the shallow stage design, which was too limited for the current high profile shows. Second to upgrade facilities and building services to accommodate more up to date theatre technology and improve environmental conditions throughout the building. Third, to renovate the heating, ventilation and cooling systems to ensure a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the building. The upper circle could be sweltering in 28ºC while, at the same time the audience in the stalls were cooling their heels in temperatures as low as 19ºC. The theatre group was shown several technical design options and sketch-up models by the project team, which included architects Buro Happold and contractors Mechanical Services Ltd, to simplify their search for the best matched solution.

Nortek Global HVAC, in conjunction with the project team were able to provide the ideal heating solution under the Reznor brand which involved the installation of four rooftop units, located on the roof of the theatre. The RTU is composed of air-to-air heat pumps in packaged rooftop configurations with various heat recovery options and gas fired heating coils available to maximise efficiency.

A key benefit of the Reznor RTU system is that the units can be installed without the need to make any structural alterations to the building.

The four Reznor RTU’s provide ventilation to the main auditorium, this air is either tempered or cooled dependent on the required demand. To maximise the efficiency of the system a Heat Pump configuration was selected to provide both heating and cooling. in addition to. With indoor air quality being an ever-present driver in modern built environment design, the RTU satisfies occupancy ventilation requirements.

The system now provides a comfortable working environment to theatre staff and members of the audience adding to their overall experience. The system has really been put to the test though one of the UK’s coldest winters and hottest summers.

How have you fine-tuned your offering in the last 12 months and why?

We have been working more with consultants and developing a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses on best practice for heating systems aimed at industry professional including specifies ad building consultants has been received exceptionally well. For more information please email

What recent enhancements have you made in customer service?

We carried out an extensive research study in 2017, reaching out to our entire customer base and the HVAC market place as a whole across the UK and continental Europe. The results of which recommended that the company consolidate all of their HVAC brands in the UK into Reznor and highlighted a number of opportunities to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.

Customers will now benefit from an unrivalled customer experience, which they can depend upon and trust. They will receive a more personal approach, improved response times and increased stock availability.

Our customer promises include:

1.We will respond within 24 hours to all orders of non-stockable items, giving you the name of the person dealing with your enquiry.

2. The person you speak to will call you back within 24 hours.

3.We will deliver to customers within three days of receipt of order for all stockable items. 4.We will support our products throughout their lifetime.

Customers will be able to contact Nortek through numerous channels including the customer service desk, email, online and the new website

Information on products will be available to customers 24 hours a day. For more information please visit or email

What factors do you see affecting your business in the coming year? How will you turn these into opportunities?

ErP2018 has had a large impact upon the HVAC industry in general with the introduction of minimum seasonal efficiency levels as well as maximum NOx emissions. Having a number of product ranges already compliant with this new legislation (and has been for a number of years before) gives our customers the piece of mind that those products they are already proven within the market.

Are you investing in new premises and extra staff? What about staff development and training?

We are involved in helping to tackle the unemployment crisis in the UK and support the efforts of the local press in finding work for the younger generation. We work in partnership with local colleges and invest in young talent by encouraging individuals to join the apprenticeship scheme, making a commitment to their learning and personal development.

Are you involved in any major trade shows or other industry events over the next year?

We don’t have any fixed plans as yet, but watch this space.

What big news from Nortek can our readers look forward to seeing in Warehouse & Logistics News in 2019?

ErP will have a large impact upon the HVAC industry and Nortek will be with you every step of the way to help you understand what the ErP directive is and how it affects our products not only in 2019 but right through to 2021. We will be incorporating the ErP legislation into the launch of a new range or warm air heaters. Keep up to date with the latest ErP news and information by visiting our dedicated website And finally, if you had to sum up your company in a tweet what would it be? Providing quality heating systems for the last 130 years.


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