To many people Industry 4.0 is still shrouded in mystery – “what is it? What does it do? Where can I can get one and it must surely be very expensive and far beyond my reach…”

You do not have to be a graduate of Hogwarts to harness the benefits of Industry 4.0 at very affordable prices with simple but intelligent digital process optimisation systems from WERMA.

Industry 4.0 promotes the use of digital networked systems to optimise processes, improve efficiency, eliminate wastage, reduce costs and give improved transparency to the operation.

Two retro-fit systems from WERMA deliver on all these points and more: SmartMONITOR – wireless machine and workplace monitoring system:

• Monitor up and down time of machines

• Respond immediately to machine breakdowns

• Automatic e-mail escalation of non-productive status

AndonSPEED – call-for-action system tospeed up your logistics processes:

• Identify and relieve bottlenecks

• Call for action system – speed up response to problems

• Monitor and report workflow disruptions

For more information on any of the intelligent systems available from WERMA, or to arrange a free demonstration on site please contact:


Tel: 01536 486930


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