JS Air Curtains has a range of industrial air curtains ideal for use on loading bay doors. The units effectively seal an entrance and stop thermal transfer, even during loading operations. This maintains correct internal temperatures, helps keep produce in perfect condition and improves staff comfort.

Air curtains are an economical replacement for internal fast acting roller or shutter doors; they are cheaper to maintain and more convenient as forklift drivers don’t have to get out of their vehicles to open them. They are an effective replacement for plastic slat curtains, which quickly become dirty and lose their transparency.

By using an air curtain to separate two zones in a loading bay, 100% visibility is maintained at all times and hygiene improved as there is nothing that comes into contact with the goods passing through, other than air.

Another advantage of using an air curtain is that they reduce the ingress of foreign bodies into the building. This can be anything that is blown in or flies in such as insects, dust, litter and leaves or more unhygienic and damaging bodies like rats and mice. The constant wall of air simply blows away litter and also acts as a deterrent to rodents that don’t seem to like the sensation it creates.

Depending on the size of the doorway, air curtains can be mounted horizontally on doorways up to around 9m high or vertically at both sides of a doorway up with 18m wide. Modern air curtains are very powerful and this flexibility enables them to be used on the majority of industrial doorways.

In order to facilitate easy installation, industrial air curtains including the VCP range, are available in different sized modules, which can be combined to achieve any height or length. They are manufactured from highly durable galvanised sheets and are available with hot water heating, electric heating or air only options.

To save on energy costs an active combination of air curtains can be used with a heated air curtain on the lower section of a vertical stack and an air only model on the top. This heats an internal atmosphere and maintains a comfortable environment for people walking through the doorway, whilst saving money on heating the upper section.

JS Air Curtains, the UK’s leading air curtain specialist, provide expert advice and supply an extensive range of air curtains for all commercial and industrial applications. You can find out more by visiting the company’s website at


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