Following the introduction of the Lucas motive power range of industrial batteries, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT Industrial) has launched a user-friendly website to provide logistics managers the easiest possible route to find and order the correct replacement battery for forklifts serving the materials handling and logistics industries.

“The logic behind the Lucas introduction is to provide those responsible for the energy management of their fleets with a premium quality like-for-like replacement battery, available off-the-shelf with the minimum of fuss,” said Strategic Director, Derek Anderson. “The final ingredient was to provide open access to a straightforward means of identifying and ordering the correct replacement – hence the development of the website, which now makes the package complete.

“Speed and simplicity were key in the site’s design and these objectives have been achieved to provide users with the shortest possible route from entering the site to ordering a replacement battery. So, whether they know precisely what they require or need to be led through a few steps to ensure the correct battery is located, the journey is easy to navigate.

“By going to ‘purchase’ from the home page, users need only click ‘selection guide’ to select the battery they require from a list of 24, 48 or 80-volt Lucas parts numbers – along with its price, including delivery. Those that need a little more direction simply have to use the list and find the voltage/DIN tank dimensions/capacity combination, to discover the correct replacement. For users unsure of the DIN tank dimensions, there is even a section that explains how and what should be measured to enable them to then use the list.”

Once the selection has been made and the size/capacity confirmed, the battery can be added to the cart, which then prompts the selection of the appropriate plug and harness, as well as whether a trade in of the old battery is required. Users are then able to complete the transaction.

“Putting customers first has always been our philosophy,” Anderson continued, “so being able to offer, not only the most appropriate solution when we are asked to work alongside a business to assess its needs, but a simple means of identification for those that just need a direct replacement with the minimum of interaction, fits that ideology completely.

“Completing the offering we have unrivalled stockholding capacity and a 13-depot national network, which means we can deliver next day anywhere in the UK. In addition, for those that don’t want to fit the battery themselves, we have a team of service engineers, who are fully trained and qualified to undertake the work.”

For further details, please contact ECOBAT Battery Technologies Industrial on: 01376 550825 or visit: The Power Of Partnership Successful businesses are built on solid and dependable relationships that allow them to develop and grow. ECOBAT Battery Technologies has made partnership a foundation principle at the heart of its business ethos. Developing partnership is central in its relationship with its product suppliers, with recycling specialists and of course, with its customers. These partnerships provide the environment to power business growth and define ‘the power of partnership’.


Tel: 01376 550825

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