A new “UPN IQ” communication initiative is putting the spotlight on the company’s big point of difference in its sector by homing in on UPN’s “Intelligent” approach to palletised freight delivery.

UPN is establishing itself as a market leader in terms of both “IT” – its unique IT support systems and infrastructure, and “Service Quality”, – its focus on service quality excellence. “UPN IQ” highlights exactly how users can capitalise, and hauliers can benefit by choosing to work with its proven network.

“We are always challenging and seeking to improve on our KPI’s in all aspects of UPN Customer Service,” said UPN Managing Director – David Brown,

“It really is all about service, UPN continue to be fully focused on application of an ongoing formula of – Challenge – Review – Develop – Improve. Both centrally within UPN and all across our network – ‘Team UPN’ are continually challenged to fully optimise the overall customer experience”

The introduction of another IT innovation is giving UPN members an important and helpful support tool and is keeping the UPN IQ as its unique point of difference.

The launch of SmartDOC – a new IT support system is strengthening “UPN IQ”. SmartDOC is a “paperless” paperwork system which is making a big difference to operational and administrative efficiencies for UPN both centrally and regionally.

It is a web based system and so no software installations are required. Designed to dovetail seamlessly with a variety of systems, SmartDOC is flexible to individual workflows. SmartDOC is simple and easy to use, it saves time, and money, and significantly helps to improve efficiency.

With SmartDOC UPN Customers have the ability to upload and manage their own paperwork via the “UPN User Website” without the need for additional software. Electronic versions of paperwork can be uploaded via an easy to use “drag and drop” interface.

This is all done in a way that suits the customer’s workflow, either during consignment entry or via a dedicated paperwork management screen. The SmartDOC System automatically adds a unique barcode to each piece of electronic paperwork to allow full traceability throughout the system. Automating these processes and removing the need to handle physical paperwork saves valuable time for the customer.

“UPN are renowned across our sector for our cutting edge inhouse developed IT support systems and infrastructure,” said David Brown, “We take great pride in leading our sector in this area of our business. Our unique IT support such as “track and trace” and “real time live signature capture” gives our nationwide membership superb tools to help provide the best possible service levels to customers in their areas.”

“UPN are also known for our high quality service and for providing the UK’s most comprehensive range of pallet delivery options from our Micro pallet to our recently added 2.2 metre high Full pallet. UPN are known for catering for every kind of need for palletised freight shipment within the UK.”

UPN has a clear stated strategy to provide – “First Class Travel for Palletised Freight”- and is looking to establish itself as the Pallet Network with the highest “IQ”.



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