Launching our first entirely new product line since the conception of RAM Mounting Systems, we’re creating a market first that transforms consumer-grade phones and tablets into affordable, fully rugged devices ready to be used like never before.

Custom designed for the latest Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets, the IntelliSkin provides military-standard drop test approved protection and connection for use in even the most demanding of environments.

With a built-in GDS (Global Docking System) contact connector moulded into every skin, the IntelliSkin completely eradicates cable clutter by allowing multiple devices to share the same GDS Dock for fast, no nonsense charging, data transfer and screen mirroring. This innovative grab-andgo system allows devices to be used repetitively in busy working environments without fear of damaging delicate charging ports and cables. This is especially useful for users moving between environments for roles such as order picking, forklift driving, delivery driving, stock control, office admin and even home use.

With the IntelliSkin, GDS docking systems and RAM Mounts, users are able to not only simplify their workspaces & dashboards but also expand the functionality of their devices to enhance their overall user experience like never before.

In addition to our IntelliSkin & GDS line, RAM offer an extensive range of revolutionary industrial-strength mounting solutions for a wide variety of light and heavy-duty electronics used within the warehousing and logistics sector. Featuring patented interchangeable vibration resistant rubber ball & socket systems that provide an inventively simplistic solution to mounting and adjusting any mobile device in any environment – RAM products deliver a unique and unrivalled concept to a number of vital applications worldwide.

The ball & socket design enables the user to easily adjust the angle and rotation of the mount by simply loosening the connecting arm, repositioning the device and retightening. Using a 3-part system; the base component connects your mount to the desired surface, the holder securely holds your device or GDS dock in place and the connecting arm joins the two, allowing for unbeatable stability, security and manoeuvrability.

Ideal for logistics, RAM also lead the way in rugged and tamper-proof GPS mounting solutions. With a range of innovative solutions for essential road-mapping technologies such as the TomTom Bridge™, the Garmin Dezl® 560/760 and more, RAM has long been a huge player in the GPS market.

Featuring a reputable locking holder with an intuitive 4-cornerscew-lock casing for the Garmin Dezl® line, RAM offer a patented Pin-Lock system for the mount arm that can be used for any other device, providing the user with an all-round unbeatable secure solution for long, treacherous journeys where reliability and anti-theft integration is key.

All in all, from smartphones, GPS and dash cams to tablets, rugged systems, PDA’s and more; with the ability to connect any device to any surface utilising a vast product range of over 3000 interchangeable components, with a lifetime warranty included RAM mounts are the logical choice for any profession user and integrator.

To view the full IntelliSkin catalogue, please visit: gds_catalog?e=13067616/32275290


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