An essential part of a strong nationwide pallet network is strong nationwide branding and brand awareness. Strong nationwide branding has been a major focus for UPN for many years to help establish the company as a leading player in the pallet network sector.

Fantastic brand exposure across the UK, and indeed the world.

An impressive and brilliantly devised corporate identity system built around the concept of pallet networking, presents UPN as a service quality market leader in its sector. The “U” denoting inbound movements, the “P” denoting UPN Hub activity, the “N” denoting outbound movements, and the blue and black logo colour scheme denoting day and night.

Complemented by a powerful company tagline – “First class travel for palletised freight” – the identity is establishing strong awareness and profile for the UPN brand amongst hauliers and pallet delivery service users alike.

In tandem the active decision to introduce strong animal imagery to align the UPN service with key credentials rather than imagery of trucks, pallets, and infrastructure, is a clear point of difference that highlights the unique UPN brand personality in its sector.

In 2017 the momentum of brand building activity has continued apace within UPN with some high profile initiatives. Throughout 2017, the UPN membership nationwide has bought in strongly to an innovative dual brand vehicle livery initiative. Linking the powerful UPN branding and animal theme with members own brand identities in a congruent uniform nationwide livery high impact awareness, is being generated across the UK.

In September a unique one off shirt sleeve sponsorship, a first for UPN and a first for Burton Albion FC, saw absolutely fantastic exposure for the UPN brand right across the UK, and indeed, right across the world.

In a fourth round cup tie at Old Trafford against Manchester United, with over 70,000 people in attendance, live coverage on SKY TV and many other stations around the world, big back page photos across the national and indeed international press, UPN really were in the headlines. What’s more, to help boost the UPN profile even further Burton Albion were the first team to score at Old Trafford this season.


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