The world is changing. It’s faster paced, with more scrutiny put upon cost saving and improving performance. It can feel difficult to keep up with growing demands, and ahead of technology but EFAFLEX continue to do just that. For over 40 years they have designed classed leading high-speed doors for commercial and industrial applications. Using their team of engineers across the globe their products remain the unrivalled pioneers within the industry. Offering a combination of speed, quality, performance and durability, they provide their customers with a product that’s an asset to the business.

At EFAFLEX ‘high-speed’ really does mean ‘high- speed.’ The patented premium spiral design with door opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second, makes it the world’s fastest vertically opening door even 25 years on from its original conception. The unbeaten champion of speed; a major benefit when considering reducing exposure of your warehouse to the elements and minimising costly energy bills.

A company of ‘firsts’ EFAFLEX continually focus on the future needs of their users be it improved safety, increased performance or reducing energy costs. Their extensive range of precision-engineered doors are available in patented spiral, folding and roll-up options to match individual applications and budgets.

EFAFLEX patented the world’s first laser scanner for doors (EFA-SCAN®). Rather intelligently, it detects motion, taking into consideration distance, direction and speed but will only trigger when vehicles or people move towards the opening and not when simply passing by.

These high-speed doors are more than 90% recyclable. Using their technology, EFATHERM ® insulated door laths can achieve between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m²K depending on door size. The door seal provides exceptional air retention capabilities and offers up to wind class 4 providing incredible wind and sound insulation.

Designed for up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, EFAFLEX doors are backed with a full after sales, maintenance and service programme tailored to your requirements and carried out by one of their factory trained technicians

EFAFLEX – the door of choice for an increasing number of customers with thousands of installations across 50 countries.

Faster… Safer… For Longer…


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