Industrial lighting specialist Lumilow Lighting has launched a new wireless controls system that offers a simple and affordable way for warehouses to improve energy efficiency.

“The best possible luminaire is the one which is switched off,” comments Andy Chell, Managing Director, Lumilow.

“If it is switched off it is using minimal power. Lighting controls have long been known as a great solution.

“But in retrofit installations it has hitherto been prohibitively expensive to add the additional cabling. Quite often, if we are looking at a business case to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting, adding lighting controls can actually extend the business case, making it unviable, due to labour costs.”

Now Lumilow have solved this challenge, opening up the finest wireless solutions to the UK marketplace.

Cost-effective and simple to install

“Our system uses the existing power cables to carry the control signals, making it a very cost-effective solution for adding lighting controls, presence detection and photocell control,” comments Chell.

“A very simple wireless node is added to the luminaire along with a sensor, the programming is done on a very simple tablet device and then the settings are transmitted to the luminaires via Bluetooth. There is no need for a new internet structure or any complicated cabling.”

Chell reveals that the savings are extraordinary. “Lumilow Lighting has recently carried out work for a major Premiership Football Club and found the business case improved by 6 months when using the wireless control options.”

Warehouse managers take note

Lumilow’s solution is fast gaining traction among warehouse managers keen to deliver more sustainable light, and manage costs better.

Of course, there are additional benefits too. With the system, emergency lighting tests are run automatically and reports generated with no manual work of any kind involved.

And simple drag and drop menus are used to control the response of individual luminaires within the warehouse. There’s no limit on the number of luminaires the system will work with and it’s compatible with all lamp types too.

“We’re truly delighted to have brought this technology to the UK market,” Chell explains. “We know just how challenging warehouse operations are. Health and safety, productivity, all benefit from better lighting controls.

“And when you add in the energy and cash savings, to say nothing of the reputational advantages of running a sustainable ship, we feel the case for our control systems is nothing short of compelling.”


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