Racking2Go are at the forefront of the warehouse barrier market and have been for some time. Year on year our sales figures are improving to reflect not only the trust in our expertise and diligence but also the increased awareness in the importance of warehouse safety and how a large proportion of risk can be mitigated against by the installation of effective, quality barriers. Racking2Go offer comprehensive, simple solutions to warehouse safety problems via barriers that facilitate safe and convenient access, segregating walkers from forklift drivers and other vehicles, heavy moving machinery and other dangerous work.

Our range of clientele is extremely diverse, which we like to think is a result of our ability to think outside the box in order to provide clever bespoke solutions for a market that does not stand still and industries that are not always easily pigeon-holed. We like to think that our barriers are actually capable of breaking down barriers to getting involved in all manner of industries, making warehouses safer across the board.

Racking2Go pride themselves on removing barriers to online ordering by simplifying each stage of the process, while remaining on point with price and never leaving any nasty surprises in the form of hidden costs. Our advisors are among the most experienced in the market and are perfectly placed to answer any enquiries and make sure that you will order the best products for your needs.

We understand that everyone is at a different stage of their journey as a company and so we offer an enormous selection of barriers of all shapes, sizes and functions, so if you simply require a single rail barrier post we have you covered and you can rest assured that we will be here for when your warehouse needs further additions to keep everyone safe and sound. In order to ensure that our range is up-to-date and takes advantage of all the latest advancements in warehouse barrier systems, we keep our collective ear to the ground and keep abreast of exciting new developments, which we can then pass on to our valued customers new and old.

We offer a great product in the form of our foam impact protectors, which can fit on protruding edges to offer protection against injury and collision damage. As well as a vast range of pre-made barriers, we also offer a fantastic bespoke barrier service for those with more challenging prerequisites. We can put together a bespoke plan and have your warehouse up to safety standards in no time.

There is, aside from the safety issue a potential financial benefit to installing warehouse barriers. Many incidents involving fork lifts within the confines of the warehouse environment lead to collisions with valuable racking and equipment which can cost a lot of money to repair or replace. With well-positioned barriers of quality and the right type this kind of expense can be completely avoided. One of our products that might not be so obvious, but also falls into the warehouse barrier category is our sliding door protection guard. This is installed in front of the part of the sliding door that remains closed, so protecting it from being bumped into with pallet-wielding staff. Damage to sliding doors can be very costly and also cause a great inconvenience in the interim period before they are fixed.

The best time to realize that your warehouse needs protecting with the correct array of barriers is before an accident happens, so make a sensible choice today and get in touch to discuss your needs.


Tel: 0845 241 9583

Email: sales@racking2go.co.uk


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