Labcraft launch their new range of integrated PIR strip lights which cut installation time, improve safety and prolong battery charge. Based on the market leading Astro, Nebula and Apollo LED lighting ranges, the new lights integrate the latest CAN PIR technology to provide enhanced performance and user productivity.

“We’ve acted on our customers’ requests to produce a strip light range with a built-in PIR” said David Frew, Head of Sales and Marketing at Labcraft. “Key has been Labcraft’s development of a new CAN PIR module which improves performance and integrates into the endcap of the strip lights, maintaining their compact design and preserving their high light output.”

Available in the Apollo, Astro and Nebula ranges these new PIR luminaires use the latest CREE LEDs and offer light outputs from 320 to over 2560 lumens, and are available in light strip lengths from 250mm to 1000mm.

To reduce incidents of false triggering the new CAN PIR system developed by Labcraft has higher tolerance to EMC and vibration. The new system also integrates a Continuous Pulse feature which retriggers the timer function each time movement is detected, even if the light is already on, which means if continuous movement is detected in the vehicle the light will remain on. Ensuring there is light while you work.

The integrated automatic switch in this new range of PIR lights means that Bodybuilders will save on installation time as wiring looms and components for a separate switch will no longer be needed. In addition to improving user safety and promoting productivity, vehicle owners have the added peace of mind that the internal lights cannot be left on and drain the battery. This helps to extend battery life and reduce running costs.

The Labcraft LED strip light range is suitable for a broad spectrum of vehicles such as vans, trailers and emergency vehicles, where productivity and safety are required. Available with 12, 24, 48 and 96 LED configurations the PIR Apollo, Astro and Nebula light ranges offer a choice of light output and lengths to a wide variety of applications and budgets.

All lights in the PIR strip light range offer Labcraft’s industry leading 3 year warranty, are exclusively manufactured in the UK and meet vehicle e-type approval.


Lizzy Rybicki

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