As specialists in a wide range of industries, Kite understands the importance of packaging to transport, protect and store goods and materials. Employed for bundling items together for easier handling, attaching items to pallets and crates, reinforcing cartons and boxes or fastening goods together; strapping in all its forms is increasing in popularity.

In order to maintain the integrity of a load as it travels through the supply chain or warehouse, it is important to use the appropriate equipment. Securing and stabilising loads (commonly pallets of heavy items) while in transit, ensures pallets don’t de-stabilise, products don’t get damaged and health and safety issues are avoided.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging, Kite Packaging have re-launched their strapping machines putting quality and low prices at the centre of their strategy. Automation in the warehouse is vital for improving efficiency and Kite are now more competitive than ever, offering their new machine at market beating prices.

Kite stock two variants of strapping machines: one semiautomatic and the other fully automatic. Fast and reliable, Kite’s semi-automatic machine is ideal for small and medium sized items and requires the user to manually feed strapping into it. This semiautomatic strapping machine will automatically tension and seal the polypropylene strapping around goods and is a cost effective, time saving device.

Kite’s fully automatic option is an invaluable time saving addition to any high volume packaging and strapping station and is suitable for larger and wider packages and does not require manual strap feeding. Speed and labour costs are a key consideration in businesses and Kite offer this affordable investment that can be integrated into a packaging production line if required.


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