The logistics provider Callius as the first customer is relying on Lydia® Smart Watch from topVOX in order to distinguish the many article variants – school backpacks in different colors, sizes and shapes from FOND OF BAGS – clearly from each other. Besides improved work ergonomics, users also benefit from a substantially reduced error rate in order picking due to the additional visual display of the article on the watch. The result: more reliable picking due to the combination of voice and visual picking.

In the warehouse in Bergheim, Germany, Callius stores over 30,000 articles on a surface area of over 8,500 m2. The logistics provider carries out up to 3,500 picks per day and therefore puts together around 1,700 packets. For its customer FOND OF BAGS Callius provides the logistics for school bags, backpacks, and accessories in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. For voice picking Callius uses the Lydia® VoiceWear® and the mobile voice computer Voxter® from topVOX. Thanks to the speaker and microphone components integrated in the vest the picker always has his or her hands free and a headset is no longer required. Most recently Callius has also introduced Lydia® Smart Watches, which provides the pickers with considerable ergonomic benefits: When combined with the vest the watch performs the function of a display. In addition to voice control during the picking process, article images are also displayed to the employees.

But Lydia® Smart Watch does significantly more than just providing visual support for voice picking and has many additional functions. For example, all order information and current pick positions can be instantly retrieved. Many orders require non-standard processes, such as Value Added Services. The picker is made aware of these important process steps by means of a vibration function – he or she enjoys maximum safety in all process steps and the number of wrong picks is reduced. The watch is either be operated by voice or touch screen.

Strong duo: Smart Watch and Lydia® VoiceWear®

The gain in freedom of movement and the lightness of the vest provide benefits in the physically challenging warehouse environment. Moreover, the Lydia® VoiceWear® does not take long to prepare for use. Thanks to its simple operation new employees in the warehouse can quickly be trained. When combined with the Lydia® Smart Watch many benefits are provided: “By introducing Pick by Vision we have greatly improved our process quality”, reports the responsible project manager at Callius. “In the interaction with Voice we benefit from a considerable increase in safety in our picking”.

Maximum stock keeping efficiency and employee satisfaction

As a result of using Lydia® Voice & Vision Callius needs not necessarily arrange the storage spaces according to product type. The display of the article image on the Smart Watch ensures that employees pick the correct article. In terms of warehouse load, a considerable increase in capacity can be achieved by the mixed arrangement of the storage spaces and the possibility of multi-order picking. In addition, administrative costs are significantly reduced by voice picking. Thanks to the pick-by-voice solution pick lists need no longer be prepared manually and printed out. Every employee at Callius decides him or herself the solution he or she would like to use to compile the packets. In addition to the Lydia® VoiceWear® the mobile voice computer Voxter®, with headset, is still available to the employees.


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