When it comes to building new structures or refurbishing old ones, flooring is of prime importance. Often there are stringent health and safety guidelines. Whether you are a contractor arranging presentations for the owners or a decision maker in a large public facility, talking to an epoxy flooring specialist is the best place to start.

The benefit of consulting with a flooring specialist is that all the properties that are required as well as the decorative features can all be analysed and selected to meet the most exacting needs of your site. There are levels of planning involved. We want to get it right because we have a reputation to protect.

Reepol’s reputation depends on the quality of our processes and products. We give meticulous attention to detail at each stage with one goal in mind – to ensure our customers receive reliable products with the highest performance. We constantly review our processes to guarantee suitability and effectiveness.

Reepol offer a range of flooring products for all types of industries along with knowledgeable technical support and advice service. We know how to design new or match old decorative epoxy floor systems. Refurbishing can bring back damaged surfaces to their initial condition. The options available are limitless.

A site survey can reveal details about the elements involved in the flooring solutions you need. These include the health and safety regulations required by your industry and determined by the activities that are conducted on the site. Many top brand names depend on Reepol for effective flooring solutions, including Aston Martin, 3M, Coca-Cola, Lear Corporation, British Aerospace, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Reepol can offer the solutions for any industry, building, or usage because of the flexibility of Reepol’s epoxy resin and polyurethane industrial flooring products. With technology, Reepol knows which additives add the required qualities needed. Our different products fulfill different roles.

For example, Reetop P1200 is used in heavy industrial and commercial environments where resistance to heavy traffic is required such as breweries, factories, gangways, hospitals, dairies, abattoirs. It is created by blending aggregates, cement, and acrylic resins. These are pre-weighed and supplied to the site to ensure correct batching and consistent on site mixing. It comes in brick red, buff, and grey.

Whether you need a completely new installation, renovation of old floors, or simply need to repair damaged floors, a specialist can help. Reepol’s flooring solutions are responsive to the client’s needs and the recommendations begin with site survey. A specialist can guide you in understanding the options available.

From the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry, Reepol’s resin flooring specialists have the solution. The benefit of talking to a flooring specialist is that all the properties that are required as well as the decorative features can all be analysed and selected to meet the most exacting needs of your site.

It is possible that one surface may have several requirements in different areas. Perhaps part of the flooring needs to be chemical resistant while other sections must be non-slip. Contact our epoxy coatings specialists who can survey your site and make a list of the floor finishes, industrial floor treatments, and concrete repairs that that might be needed. This is a no obligation survey.


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