What’s most important to you when choosing your high-speed door; reliability, speed, quality, choice, value for money, after sales service? Rest assured – EFAFLEX the global class leading manufacturer of highspeed doors have every angle covered.

Safe guarding staff, improving productivity and reducing energy costs are all at the forefront of their door design. Their extensive range of precision engineered doors are available in patented spiral, folding and roll up options to match your individual application and budget.

It’s a fact that the transportation and storage industry have more accidents involving workplace vehicles than any other sector. Operating in a world that continually demands shorter delivery lead times whilst reducing overheads can take its toll; accidents inevitably happen. But how, as a warehouse or logistics manager can you help minimise the risk created in bustling areas that involve the high levels of movement of people and stock? A company of ‘firsts,’ EFAFLEX have the needs of their users upper most when designing their high- speed doors.

EFAFLEX patented the world’s first laser scanner for doors (EFA-SCAN®) which enables activation and safety systems to be combined into a single solution. It continually tracks motion in front of the door and with the dynamic detection zone reacts like a rapid impulse sensor. Cleverly it detects motion taking into consideration distance, direction and speed but will only open when vehicles or people move towards the opening and not when simply passing by.

EFAFLEX doors are the unbeaten champion of speed, opening up to 4 metres per second – a real benefit to reducing exposure of your warehouse to the elements and minimising costly energy bills. Designed for up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, EFAFLEX doors are backed with a full after sales, maintenance and service programme tailored to your requirements and carried out by one of their factory trained technicians.

A company of firsts, a 40-year heritage and their pioneering design make them the product of choice for many commercial, warehouse and logistics operations with thousands of installations across 50 countries.


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