Kevin Richardson has been Chief Executive of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) for one year now, and he reflects on what has been a very exciting and challenging year for the Institute.

“When I first arrived at CILT, I was taken aback by how diverse and varied our membership is and the breadth of sectors that we represent. A priority of mine when I first arrived was to clarify who we are and what we do. Working with Richard Wilding, Chairman of the board, we can now proudly share a mission statement that is to be the base of all work that we do. For me, we cannot add value and develop as an Institute if we cannot define who we are and what we do.

“2016 was a great year for the Institute: our Annual Conference brought together the leading minds from the worlds of logistics, operations and transport; PTRC’s Transport Practitioners’ Meeting was attended by over 200 of the UK’s leading transport planners; and our Nations, Regions, Forums and Groups organised over 300 networking events across the UK. In addition, I am pleased to report that membership numbers are up.

“The year has not been without its challenges. It seems that Brexit took many in the business world by surprise and we, along with many other professions, are now facing an uncertain future, but this also presents us with opportunities that we need to grasp positively.

“The Institute has taken this opportunity to engage with the Government to ensure that our membership is heard. Through our Public Policies Committee, we will ensure that CILT always has a place at the table and has the opportunity to offer our impartial advice and the expertise of our members to represent your best interests.

“Recent tragic events have put our profession in the headlines and I want to emphasise the importance of safety as we enter a new year. Our Transport & Logistics Safety Forum has been campaigning for the need to place safety at the top of the business agenda. The Forum’s output was recently acknowledged at the Fleet Safety Awards and it has had great success in communicating this across the profession. This Forum is a great example of what can be achieved when our members join together to share best practice, ideas and work together to achieve a common goal.

“As we move into 2017, the goal of the Institute continues to be to add value and relevance to our members through a variety of platforms, communications and initiatives.”

Date established:


Membership numbers:

18,375 (as of October 2016)

Aims & objectives:

To add value to individual and corporate members by enhancing their knowledge, careers, and businesses by setting, supporting and delivering professional standards and education.

CILT Main events in 2017:

• CILT Annual Awards for Excellence 2017

• Driving the future – CILT’s Annual Conference and Dinner

• The 22nd LRN Annual Conference


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