Choosing the lighting for often cavernous warehouse spaces presents a number of challenges. Energy efficiency and cost savings are high on the list of priorities, along with the need to avoid glare for workers and preventing light spill into the surrounding area.
Whilst it’s become difficult to keep up with the avalanche of new lighting technology coming onto the market, a visit to LuxLive on 23-24 November, ExCeL London, will guide you through the minefield, ensuring you make the right decisions for your company.

LuxLive features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in this fast-moving sector plus an extensive programme of 100+ talks, debates and panel discussions. As you’d expect, the big names will be out in force and will have a massive presence at the show, which attracts 8,000 visitors each year. Holophane, Saturn LED, LPA Excil, QSSI and Dextra will all be there along with more than 280 other big lighting brands.

The arrival of powerful LED high bays and simple controls has changed the realm of possibilities for industrial lighting, and fitting a warehouse or factory with LED products can now generate savings on an industrial scale.

Anyone who is responsible for lighting a warehouse or industrial estate will know that it’s a complicated task; the light output needs to be good and the luminaires fit for hazardous environments. It’s also important to think about the detail; workers doing complicated tasks will need reliable, individual task lights, and sometimes high colour rendering is crucial. So although warehouse lighting might not be sexy, there are at least as many factors to consider as there are in a fancy, architectural lighting scheme. And that’s before we’ve mentioned safety requirements; some areas need security lights on all night even if the workers aren’t there, and there are tonnes of CO2 to be saved by installing a good control system that turns the lights on when and where they are needed.

Some facility managers of warehouse spaces have been concerned that payback times are not what they are supposed to be and this and other issues affecting warehouse lighting will be explored at LuxLive, and the lessons of big retrofits discussed in a string of informative talks and debates. Behind the scenes, the lighting for warehouses and distribution centres has undergone a quiet revolution. With LEDs and smart controls, energy can be cut significantly and lighting can work in harmony with people to improve the wellbeing, concentration and decision making of staff and reduce mistakes and accidents. In a series of talks specifically for the industrial and warehouse sector, on Thursday 24 November, you will be able to hear about best practice examples including the recent lighting of fashion retailer Asos’ warehouse.
According to a huge body of evidence, shift working is extremely bad for our health and it can lead to increased levels of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers. Find out in a special session how the right lighting help reduce the hazards associated with working out of synch with your body clock. There will also be a series of talks which look at how smart lighting networks are driving the revolution in building automation, helping to improve the performance of buildings and optimise the well-being of workers. New for LuxLive 2016 are two special arenas: the Escape Zone which will be looking at the latest in Emergency lighting design and regulations. No longer a tick-box exercise with older prescriptive methods now not fit for purpose, keeping up-to-date with the latest emergency lighting legislation and standards is critical so be sure to make a beeline for the Escape Zone. As well as the main LuxArena there will be the new IoT Arena where you will discover how the worlds of lighting and big data are set to merge. Delivering content on connecting lighting, internet enabled controls and building management, the IoT Arena is a must do.

It’s a rolling programme, so whatever time you rock up, there’ll be something engaging and interactive.


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