Hemisphere has been in the freight forwarding industry for 27 years, and currently employs 130 people in its offices in Ipswich, Heathrow and the Far East. It uses Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs) to carry 450- 500 tonnes daily across a six to seven hour operating period.


Hemisphere used to run an electric FLT fleet, but switched to LPG several years ago in order to better cope with the heavy lifting required. When switching away from electric, LPG was chosen over diesel as it’s less polluting, and therefore much more user friendly in the warehouse. It’s also much cheaper, costing 10- 15% less than diesel.

Until recently, Hemisphere had an LPG bottle deal with one of Flogas’ competitors, which was expensive, and the risk of running out of gas was high. Additionally, turnaround times on orders were too long.

After visiting the site, Flogas recommended the installation of two bulk tanks to fuel the FLT fleet instead of cylinders. Bulk tanks reduce LPG costs significantly, giving a saving of 20-25% over the cylinders.

Additionally, running out of gas became a thing of the past as the Flogas bulk tanks have full telemetry – as soon as levels hit 40%, it triggers a delivery, ensuring Hemisphere never runs out.

“We weren’t happy with our previous LPG supplier.

They were expensive, we regularly risked running out of gas, and it seemed as if they just didn’t care about us, as a business.

“Flogas on the other hand, see the bigger picture. It’s good to have a supplier on board that you can trust, as it allows you to just forget about it, and get on with the rest of your job.

“I’d have no problem recommending Flogas. They think about our business, not just their own, and our relationship is a partnership, rather than having a customer / supplier dynamic. They’re everything you need your LPG supplier to be.” says Richard Davies, General Manager (UK Logistics), Hemisphere Freight Services.

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