As LED lighting gains in popularity in the UK warehousing industry, one European manufacturer warns that not all LED fixtures are created equally.

chazFareed Ishani of London-based Prismalence has confirmed to Warehouse & Logistics News that LED lighting will increasingly become the lighting of choice for factories, warehouses, ports and cranes in the medium term, but warned that not all LED fixtures are the same. And with many LED manufacturers failing to offer data on their product performance, potential users are often unable to compare like for like.

“The new generation of LEDs have transformed the use of rubber tyred gantry (RTG) cranes and ship to shore (STS) cranes in ports,” says Mr Ishani.

“Improved ground cover has led to less accidents, happier operators and a reduction in overall lighting demand.”

Prismalence has focused on providing suitable units for high bay warehouses and demanding manufacturing premises, but with many manufacturers offering a huge range of energy-saving lighting solutions, many clients find choosing the right technology very difficult.

“It is important to understand that LED is very diverse,” Mr Ishani points out. “The skill is in choosing the right type of LED for the job.”

The key is establishing the hot lumen system output, the actual performance of the fitting in the field rather than in the lab. “Clients should concentrate on those manufacturers who focus on long term high performing fixtures with the least glare and minimum performance loss.”

Prismalence employs hardened glass optics to spread light more efficiently than cheaper polycarbonate optics, which can be discoloured by UV and have a tendency to degrade with heat. The manufacturer has also adopted lighting innovations from other heavy industries to improve its LED lighting offerings, learning from the high heat in the steel industry, the heavy vibrations of the mining sector and the corrosive atmosphere found in paper mills.

After months of testing, Prismalence has launched its latest range of Mini Stella LED 40/60/80/120w LEDs for warehouses, factories and cranes and the 320W for ship to shore crane mast lighting.

Its fixtures operate in temperature extremes from -30C to +50c.

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