Samuel Grant Packaging was established in 1891 by Samuel Grant, the Great Grandfather of the current Managing Directors. In 2015 the company moved into bespoke new warehousing headquarters in Leeds. Samuel Grant Packaging has stayed at the forefront of their business over the last 125 years by constantly innovating both their products and their approaches to providing packaging solutions. The Samuel Grant team operate on a consultative basis: they listen, advise and deliver. The vision is to optimise packaging for British business. Andrew and Matthew Grant, Joint Managing Directors, spoke to Warehouse & Logistics News.


WLN – As a leading supplier in the Packaging category, what has the last year been like for your business? How about for the rest of your sector?

In the last year we are pleased to continue to see growth for our company in all the sectors in which we operate. Our new warehousing facility, which was opened in October 2015, has streamlined our operations and logistics. With more space we are now able to provide more storage for clients’ products, as well as continue to improve and increase our product range.

The sector continues to be competitive, but we relish competition and constantly research our products and services to ensure that we are offering the best solutions at the best possible prices.

WLN – What are your best-known products and services?

In general we are known for our excellent customer service, reliability, delivery, stockholding and huge packaging ranges, as well as the multi award-winning Marmax Recycled products. Over the last few years we have become especially well known for our Samson Nano pallet wrapping system. This offers a highly innovative complete pallet wrapping solution to clients with no capital expenditure and maintenance costs, just a clear price per wrapped pallet. We were the first in our industry to do this, and continue to be the best and most forward thinking.

WLN – What makes you the first choice supplier in your field?

We are passionate about what we do. Packaging is in our blood. We employ enthusiastic packaging specialists who are always on hand for their customers and experienced in providing expert solutions for all packaging needs. We have experience in all areas which is second to none.

WLN – What changes have you made to your core offering in the last year?

We create new solutions all the time. If a client has a requirement that we don’t yet provide, we research and innovate until we can provide a solution. We are constantly tweaking and improving our offerings across the board. The Samson Nano continues to be positioned in both large and small companies around the country, and that side of the business continues to be increasingly popular.

WLN – What new products and services have you introduced?

Our biggest increase in business has been in our strapping provision. We bought out a specialist strapping company and have incorporated their products into our range, as well as trained up our sales team on the best possible strapping solutions for businesses. We are now one of the largest strapping suppliers in the country.

Wharehouse-opening-day-27WLN – What industries are your customers in?

Our customers vary massively, from startup enterprises, to multi-sited blue-chip companies with enormous operations to whom we provide a huge range of products and services. The Samson Nano has been positioned in numerous companies around the country, and that side of the business continues to be increasingly popular.

WLN – How do your products and services help customers become more efficient, greener or work safer?

Using the example of the Samson Nano again, the system uses less film than any other pallet wrapping machine, meaning that customers save a huge amount on their CO2 emissions. Taylors of Harrogate for example, saved over ten tonnes of C02 in their first year of having the Samson Nano in position. Many clients have swapped handwrapping for the Samson Nano system, which has freed up the time of their warehouse operatives, as it’s a press button and go operation, requiring very little operative input. Because the pallets that are wrapped are tested constantly to ensure that they can withstand all elements of the transportation process without damage or spillages, we are confident that the system has improved work safety as well – on top of there being less damage to goods in transit.

WLN – Can you tell us about some of your customers and the work you do for them?

Bagel Nash is a big local customer of ours. We provide much of their packaging, as well as pallet wrapping machines. Following ongoing consultations with Bagel Nash, we have helped improve their overall operation enormously. Their growth meant that they were outgrowing their warehouse, and were needing to rent additional premises for storage. We took this problem away from them, and we store all their packaging for them until the point it is needed. They still benefit from the quantity of packaging that they buy, but they don’t have to have it on site until they are absolutely ready, at which point we can do quick deliveries for them to ensure no gaps in their production processes.

WLN – Is there a recent or current project that stands out as a showcase for your company? Can you tell us about it?

The Samson Nano is our current favourite. We are particularly proud of it as it demonstrates our ability to design and manage a complete packaging solution and is born out of our continuous consultative approach.

WLN – What were your company’s biggest achievements in the last 12 months?

We won a couple of industry awards, from UKWA and Intralogistex, which was a fabulous boost for us. Along with seeing our warehouse complete, it’s been a very satisfying year.

WLN – Are you currently investing in the business, taking on staff or going into new markets or countries? If so, how’s it going?

We have invested a huge amount in the last year in the building of our bespoke new warehouse, which has 10m high racking, and very narrow aisles, serviced by specially programmed forklifts. Using this new technology has enabled us to optimise the space available for storage and products. We therefore have scope to increase our product ranges as needed, as well as store products for our clients. The new site will create new positions, as well as allowing us to continue to expand and grow our offering and customer base. The business continues to go from strength to strength – our Leeds site alone has seen a 9% growth year on year from last year.


WLN – What are you doing to bring on new talent and raise skills levels in your company?

We invest in our staff. Many of our senior managers within the company started at the very bottom. Some have never worked anywhere other than Grant’s. This means that they have packaging obsession in their blood as much as the owners do. The working atmosphere and environment at Grant’s is often commented upon. Our staff are so happy – they are well paid, well trained, and extremely passionate about what they do, and we like to promote from within the company, providing a clear career path for new starters, at whatever level they may join.

WLN -What are the major issues facing the Packaging category as we go forward? How is your company addressing them?

Rules and regulations are always changing, usually for good reason. We keep track of any changes and ensure that we alter our operations as soon as required to keep on top of our game.

Our responsibility to the environment is at the forefront, as is the Corporate Social Responsibility of our customer. Our multi award-winning company Marmax Recycled Products allows our clients to purchase maintenance-free, high quality furniture made from recycled plastic bottles. At Samuel Grant Packaging, one of the best features of our consultative approach is that we help our customers to design out materials and reduce the amount of packaging they use. We are fully aware of the impact of our products and services on the environment, and address this in two ways.

Continual design improvements remove weight out of packaging and reduce the amount of raw materials that are used in production. This in turn reduces their environmental impact. We also look at ways in which clients’ packaging can be reused and recycled.

Samson-Nano-long-video-QR-Code-copyWLN -Will you be exhibiting at any major trade shows in the coming year?

We will be at FoodEx, PPMA and IMHX next year. We are always interested to hear about other events and exhibitions that we can get involved with.

WLN – What other big news from Samuel Grant can our readers look forward to reading in Warehouse & Logistics News in 2016?

We are looking forward to our 125 year anniversary celebrations. We plan to hold a Country Fair for staff and guests, which should be great fun.

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